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the first

Funny how things happen. Bad marriage and no sex in over 8 years then I meet this guy and finally take the plunge. He was like swimming in a cool lake on a hot day he felt that good. He was the first bite of ice cream on your tongue that melts a creamy path down the back of your throat.
But then sometimes things you feel can only be lies...
But this is the story of the first time from a long time...just wish it had been as real as it felt.


She looked in the mirror and saw what scared her most. Her face was ordinary, her hair nondescript. Her breasts showed signs of her age sagging with that slight down tilt while her belly was no longer flat and was proof of the children she had borne. She was waiting for a man she didn’t know except for the possible lies and half truths told by an anonymous typist on the other side of the net.

She was afraid to meet someone even though she tried hard to play the game right. She talked online about her sexuality, her desires and passions as if someone on the other side of somewhere would actually heed what she said. She had found that the only real passion the men on the side felt was for oral sex and the finding of someone who would satisfy all the nasty little desires wives and girlfriends no longer felt the need to perform.

That was the saddest part of the net relationships she had discovered. Most of the men were attached in one way or another and while some lied many just told the truth believing that the women they were seeking were on no consequence. Just something to be used until there was something better or at least different to be had. They would flatter and make bold statements as to the desirability of the women they often not so deftly pursued online. But the fact remained they sought only a warm willing body and a woman to gratify desires their mates would not sate.

She knew this yet she waited. At least this one was not married or she hoped he had not given her the lie. She had bathed, shaved, and then applied lotion to her body giving it the guise of silky smoothness wondering if he would even notice. Would he even take the time to learn her real name or just seek his gratification and move on? She knew the risks, knew the role she was to play in the night’s games but still that foolish heart would not stop hoping that maybe she could be special once in her life to someone.

The knock came at the door and she felt like she wanted to cry. This wasn’t the way of meeting. This wasn’t the way to find a heart. The game was sex and she knew she was now to play it. That is if he didn’t look at her and turn to leave finding her less than desirable. She didn’t realize yet that sex was not just a matter of attraction to a man. He sought gratification and most women would do to achieve that.

She opened the door and for a moment they looked at each other. His eyes told her nothing but he smiled and asked to come inside. Moving ahead of him into the suddenly confining space of her kitchen she turned to see what his eyes spoke to her. Instead she was moved inside a circle of arms and he spoke to her of his immediate desire and need to meet her. How he could not wait any longer and needed to find the face at the other end of the keyboard.

Surprised she felt comforted in the circle of his arms. His scent rose to her and she breathed deeply of male musk for the first time in what seemed an age of longing. Too soon he stepped back to look at her and spoke words she had never before heard. You’re a very pretty woman. Why did you say you were just average?

Her response was a silent smile and an invite to sit with her on her couch so they could know each other a bit. He sat down opposite of her and asked her if she was nervous. Yes she said and a little scared. I don’t know why I did this and I don’t know what to expect. His smile was gentle and sweet as he told her he felt the same and there was no need to do anything more than talk if that was all the night offered. She tucked her legs up to her chest and realized she had only put her shirt on and her panties but had forgotten her jeans. He looked her body up and down and grinned making her laugh and say she was sorry but she hadn’t gotten past putting on her shirt she wore to bed while she was getting ready for him. He gave her a smile that won her heart and told her he didn’t mind. He liked what he saw.

She didn’t know what to say at that point and so sat listening to him start to make the small talk that begins moments of meeting. They had been all through this on the internet yet hearing him in person speak in a voice that rang through her made it all newly discovered information. He reached out and touched her lightly along the arm and moved his hand down to gently slide a finger along her lower leg. Smiling he stopped and just looked at her while she tried hard to speak with a suddenly thickened tongue feeling only the electric shocks his hand had just given her.

He moved closer to her and sat back against the couch while she instinctively and without conscious movement leaned toward him. He stopped speaking for a minute and again stared at her seeking something from her face or body motions. She had no clue. Nothing before her had prepared her for being close to another man. Her limited experience had been with a man that sought her only for fast sex when he desired with no romance or foreplay. She didn’t know the game of tease and play and so did the only thing she knew to do. Leaning over him she bent her head to his and gently laid her lips upon his to see if he would respond.

His mouth moved under hers and his hand reached up to touch her neck and move her mouth in closer. She moved tighter against him feeling his tongue move in her mouth and along her lips. She felt her body move over the top of him straddling his lap while she was consumed with the movement of his lips and tongue in her mouth. He gave a small chuckle and pulled her closer. Realizing what she had done she offered to move off of him but his response was to pull her tighter to him and run his hand down her back to gently touch her ass and slide down her leg. His hand caught in her hair and he moved her onto him to continue kissing her and she was lost. All she knew was his hungry mouth and the moments of taste and tongues entwining in a long spoken language that existed between men and women.

Locked in this moment her mind swirled with the ecstasy of his touch on her long starved body. His hand slid slowly down between her legs and touched her just once with a sweeping glance over her and she shivered with the sudden tightening of belly and groin. Do you want me she asked him? Of course, he responded. I’ve been wanting you since we first talked.

With that she stood and taking his hand led him into her bedroom. They stood close together and felt the heat of bodies touching just so slightly. His hands moved down to caress her back and body while she moved her hands to his head to bring the taste of his lips back to her waiting mouth. They deep kissed and held each other. Slowly he moved his hand down to her ass and started to slowly slide her panties down. She responded by reaching for his shirt and pulling it up and away from his heated hardness. He gently pushed her down to sit on the edge of the bed and removed his shirt. She reached toward him and gently unsnapped his jeans and pulled down his zipper. Reaching inside his pants she found the proof of his desire waiting for her to wrap her hands around.

He slid his jeans off and came to stand in front of her. She looked up at him and saw his smile of anticipation. His hand came to gently pull her face to him and she took a tentative lick of his penis and looked again to his eyes. His intake of breath told her what he waited for and while his hand entwined in her hair to urge her again forward she leaned into him and gently put the head of his cock to her lips. Slowly she started to lick the head, moving her tongue in circles feeling him lean towards her and his hand tighten slightly in her hair. Teasing him with her tongue she then slowly pulled him inside her mouth and sucked him gently. His body jumped at the contact and she gave a low laugh and moved her mouth over him again. Sucking him a little harder this time she took him in her mouth deeper and heard him groan. He tasted good on her tongue and she felt herself get wet with heat and need as she took him all the way in her mouth and moved on him.

No, not yet, he said. There is more I want to do and with that he pushed her gently to her back and spread her legs slightly. She moved back along the bed until she was prone and he slid her ankles up to her ass. Gently he spread her legs moving his hands down to caress her from her knees to the heart of the heat waiting for him. Slowly he rubbed her clit with gentle fingers watching her face and hearing her gasp of delight. His hands were steel and silk at the same time moving on her while he watched her. She needed him badly. She needed him inside her filling that ache of desire that was enveloping her from hips to thigh. Please. She said. Be inside me. He smiled and moved over her while she pulled her legs up tighter. He reached down and rubbing her he pushed inside her with his hard cock. Oh god that feels good he moaned. Oh god baby you feel tight.

Moving over her he sought her mouth again and ran his hands under her shirt to grasp her breasts. His palms tickled her hard erect nipples and she moaned with the feel of his callused hands rubbing circles on her. Slowly and deeply he moved in her and thrust hard to be in her tight rubbing himself against the stiff head of her clit. He ground into her and felt her squirm underneath. Pushing in hard he bent again to her mouth sucking on her tongue while she lie there mindless in her need for him. Moving above her he stopped and let his hands wander on her feeling her clit then moving to her breasts to gently touch her face and rub her lips. They lay that way for awhile moving slow and with great need touching and thrusting while heat rose between them and bodies tightened with need.

He sat back and moved his hands on her. Leaning down he moved to put his mouth on her but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She gently pushed his head away and said no, please use your hands. They feel so good on me. Please. You like this then baby? Oh god yes she moaned as his fingers thrust inside her and he moved his thumb over the hard nub of her clit. Moving her body to lie alongside his she leaned up and took his cock back into her mouth sucking deep on the head while her hands encircled him at the base and ran exploring fingers around his balls and between his legs. She felt his body tighten and while he brought her to orgasm with his hands she played with his cock moving tongue and lips to feel him get harder and hotter. Her body jumped at the moment of orgasm and her mouth sucked him in deep.

Not yet baby he said and laid himself back on the bed pulling her up to lie against his chest. Don’t you like my mouth on you she asked him? God yes but I don’t want to come yet. Laughing slightly she started kissing and licking his chest and neck moving down to his navel to tease and twist inside it with her tongue. She leaned down and licked the head of his cock and tasted his pre-cum on her lips. His hands reached in between her ass cheeks and slowly started to rub her anus while inserting fingers into her hot wet pussy. She moaned again in pleasure and felt the build up again in her groin knowing she would be having release again from the touch of his hands.

May I ride you she asked and he pulled her on top of him. She straddled his body and felt his heat next to her thigh. She reached under her and slowly put his cock to her cunt sliding slow down on him until she felt him filling her. Slowly she started to grind and rock on him feeling the magnificent hard cock deep inside. It was immediate the need that built and she moved faster on him grinding him hard while he would thrust up from below her. His hands gripped her breasts kneading them and pulling on her nipples. His hand reached down between them and he pulled her clit while she gasped with surprise at the feeling it gave her. It didn’t take long for the excitement and desire was too much and she exploded with a deep moan while his hands continued their much wanted assault on her body.

She moved off him and he leaned over her to slowly kiss her. Was that good baby he asked? Her response was a deep slow kiss telling him with her lips and tongue what words could not express. He moved over the top of her again and spread her wide. Her knees were tight by her head as he thrust hard and deep into her. She knew what he wanted and so she pulled her legs up high offering herself to be the recipient of his hard deep thrusts. Her legs were high above her head and he grasped her ankles by his face and spread her while plunging deep inside her over and over again. Yes baby oh god this feels so good. His face was a reflection of pure pleasure as he thrust into her faster and faster.

Suddenly he stopped and held himself deep in her. Taking a deep breath he said not yet and started to caress her legs from ankle to thighs moving his hands on the outside of her legs to the inside in long slow sweeping caresses. She couldn’t contain it and again felt the build and release moaning from the purely mindless sensuality he offered her. He moved back away from her and gently pulled her legs down. She sat up and while he knelt there before her took him back into her mouth and sucked him deep and hard. She started to move up and down on him and for a moment he relinquished himself to her pulling her face tight up against him and thrusting into her mouth. He shuddered and moved back away from her. I’m not done yet with you baby. Wait a bit.

She sighed in disappointment wanting to have the feeling of his orgasm in her whether it was mouth or cunt. He pushed her down on the bed and laid himself beside her spooning her tight against him. They lay this way for a bit talking and laughing about little things. She felt the moments precious as he whispered in her ear and spoke of his desire and wanting for her. How she was everything and more than he had hoped for. She reveled in the magic of the moment. She had never known this. Never knew that sex could be like this. Never knew a man could and would caress and hold her. She didn’t know that sex could be laughter and passion brought together in a bonding of male and female. For the first time in her life she felt like a woman wanted. She felt like she truly existed while in the arms of the man that held her and she stored the wonder of the moment deep inside her.

She moved her ass closer to him and the heat she felt there and he responded by entering her from behind. Moving her underneath him he pulled her hips up as he kneeled behind her and starting riding her thrusting deep into her spread legs. She surprised him by pulling her knees together and shoving her hips back at him moving hard back against his thrusts while he gripped her hips. He thrust harder and harder into her rocking their bodies in a timeless motion while the tension built within them both. His hand roamed over her ass while his fingers played with her clit and anus both teasing them and feeling her get wetter and hotter from his ministrations. He slowed and started to deeply penetrate her grinding deep and pulling her hips ever tighter to him.

She heard him take a deep breath and he moved back away from her. What’s wrong she asked? Did I do something you didn’t like? Silently he shook his head and sat back looking at her. She turned and sat up looking at him. Nothing he said and he pulled her close to him and held her tight. She was scared. What did she do that made him quit moving on her? She felt like she wanted to cry. Instinctively he felt her fear and took her face in his hands and kissed her gently. It’s not you. Just something that I don’t think you are ready for yet. Another time we can do more. She didn’t know what to say but just kissed him in relief. She knew he had wanted something but her limited experience in knowing men left her blind in the dark.

She knew what she could do and knew that he liked her doing it so as they lie side by side she moved down on him and again took him in her mouth. She licked him and sucked him for a few minutes then looking up into his eyes asked him. Do you want to cum in my mouth? He stared at her for a minute and said you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But I do baby. I want to feel you cum. I want to feel your orgasm. Feel that moment when all you know is me.

He looked at her and slowly put his hand in her brushing it back from her face. What about you? Let me do you too he said. No baby I want to feel you she responded. His hand tightened its grip in her hair and she started to lick him and suck him again feeling his fingers tighten against her head. She sucked him in deep and started thrusting her mouth onto him. Her fingers gripped base of his cock and while she ran her tongue over his cock and down over his balls she felt him tighten and get even harder. Her mouth worked him and she felt the tightening of his belly and thighs as she continued to manipulate him with tongue and lips. Suddenly she could taste him and he exploded in her mouth with a deep groan while his hands pushed her tight on to his cock.

He held her mouth tight against him there and she could feel the spasms of his orgasm. She lightly licked his cock head and moved her lips in to gently suck him while his penis finished it’s throes of passion. His hand reached down and pulled her head back away from him. Wordlessly they slid together face to face and lie there in the warmth of spent desires heads bent together and bodies locked tight feeling the heat of spent sensuality.

They lie like that until with they fell into sated rest. He turned from her and reached back to pull him tight to his back. Spoon with me he whispered and his body relaxed against hers while her arms encircled him only to be tucked under his arms and to his chest.

She didn’t sleep but lie there in questions filling her mind. So much time spent in her life never knowing it could be like this with a man. Tears filled her eyes as she realized how much time had been wasted and how few opportunities she would have to know this incredible feeling. She hugged him closer to her and felt him grip her tighter while he slept on. She would spend the night not wanting to sleep but to lie there and absorb all he had taught her. All he had given her in this night together.

He gave her a new world…..a rebirth into life. She closed her eyes and laid her head against him reveling in the feel of him. A wordless thank you in the gentle kiss she placed on his shoulder.

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