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7/2/2006 11:07 pm

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New to sex on web

I am new to this sex and swing life stuff. It's not easy when nobody knows you in a state that you,ve just moved to. To add that nobody knows my sexual skill. I am very willing to try new things. People in town make fun of me cuz of my choice of what to do and wear. But that does not hold me back at all. I just continue on doing what I'm doing.

On a regulare basis I masterbate think of who I could fuck and suck. I wake up every morning with a hard on. Mainly cuz I am in a college town with lots of hot men and women. I wake up woundering why nobody wants to hang out with some one who is very flexible in their daily life & schedule.

Sometimes I wish I hade a friend that would just let me come over and skinny dip and suck and fuck all day and night including in the pool. Along with hang out with as much as possibe.

I also don't know a lot of the web lingo. I am a bisexual thast wants a relationship that I can spend countless nights in the same bed with a man & a woman sleeping nude all the time I am horny all the time even if my shorts don't show it in public. For some reason it is very difficult for me to get a hard on in public.

During the day when I do go out I am eather wearing no underwear or real womens panties.

My measurements are as follows.

6'2" tall
165 Lbs
Blue Eyes
Dirty blond hair, crew cut 1/4 inch
33" waist
6.5" cock 5.75" circumsized
long strong legs
Size 12 Feet
full body shave. yes the cock too
Fit in to 32 * 32 pants "kind of tight"

With thoes measurements I dont know why nobody wants my body eather in lust for sex alone or for just a dinner date. The dinner made by myself. I tend to be a good cook when I want to be. I also make a mean breakfast.

I don't know much about what to do but I am in the middle of figuring it out. I am reasearching it on the web all the time and downloading videos off the web all the time.

It take some work to figure out what to do. But I'll do it.

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