Living in a Moment of Time  

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6/4/2006 12:35 pm

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Living in a Moment of Time

Maybe I have made life to difficult, tried to over analyze. I'm going to try a new way of thinking. I suppose in some ways it is the way I have always lived. I have always been a spur of the moment person, a live in the moment type person. And yes, it's given me some regrets in life but it's also given me smiles and laughters. I am going to quit worrying so much about where things are going and just live once again for a moment in time. Those answers are so easy because I can easily say, this feels right or it doesn't. It's when I start looking at the big picture that it gets all clouded. I've decided that I don't think I can agree to exclusivity with the new guy. I don't think I'm getting all I need in order to agree to that and to stick to my word. And my word is important to me. It's really one of the few things we truly can own and control. I want to be known for doing the things I say I will do, for sharing what is truly me. This feels good to me to have this answer be so clear. But I'm flakey. Tomorrow I'll be leaning the other way. And I also know that this decision may have consequences but I can only be true to me. So, the simple in the moment. And I need to learn that I can feel whole by myself, that I am a successful woman with alot to offer someone as far as a kind heart and a loving soul, but I think for now I will keep that loving heart mine, I'll fill my life with minutes of smiles by knowing that I'm doing what is right for that moment. And it's something some of us strong characters like myself hate to admit, that sometimes we get lonely and just need to be held in the darkness of the night....not sexually, but lovingly. That's the part that is so hard to fill. Am I the only one that feels that at times?

nightis 53M

6/4/2006 7:58 pm

That sounds like a good path April. Just don't get too mad or take a moment too personally, that slaps you!

Relax and enjoy yourself!

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