I'm Lust_luther and heres what I'm cruising for:  

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8/12/2006 3:29 am

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I'm Lust_luther and heres what I'm cruising for:

An exotic girl or boy.Must be petite and slim.
Not likely I'm interested in anyone over maybe 30 or so unless they are really cute.
Probaly I will not find a desirable boy on this site so otherwise this is addressed to the girls.

You can find a lot of average guys interested here if thats all you want.
Nice, athletic straight guys you see at the beach and work out at the gym.Fun for a quicky, but they are not erotic.Most of these guys don't know anything about erotic sex.Stricky wham bammers.
I'm into sensuality.I'm not into 'dating'.I'm not into wham bam, etc.
I'm looking for a strickly sensual encounter.
Its not a date.. dating sucks.Its not looking for Mr. / Miss "Right"or a "quick trick"..
Its not 'romantic' as commonly thought.It is more correctly Roman.
Its an exotic encounter.
I'm not an average guy by any means.I am a Romanic.I have a very attractive body.I am not effeminate in any way, just gentle (or course I can play hard when I wish to).
I'm not into talking about what we do for work and I don't need to "figure you out" or vice versa.
I like to develop the evening slowly, meeting first for coffee and if we are comfortable maybe a quiet dinner at a low key place with a view.

I guess it would be closer to describe that if most men are like lions or tigers.I am like a panther or a cheetah.Maybe you can understand? Maybe you are uncommon and exotic also?
I definately am not boyfriend or husband material.I don't wish to waste your and my time if thats what you are looking for (if you are a woman.. if you are a boy maybe I'll be interested if you are).
I'm not 'straight'.Most of the time I only like guys, and mostly as a Top I only like a real sweet beautiful boys with figures as slim and silky as any young woman model, and personality that are sweet and affectionate.So for me to be attracted to a women, you would have to be really exotic and sensual, like me.

loadeddice05 44M

8/13/2006 10:14 am

LOL!! Weirdo????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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