Age Differences  

DiverTightShawl 59M
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6/7/2005 6:32 am

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9/16/2010 7:03 pm

Age Differences

Just wanted to get an opinion of what people think of age differences. I see profiles where the age is the same as mine, but the profile doesn't match for age. Their profile doesn't list what ages (most of the time) as to what they are looking for either. Then again, you see some profiles where the age difference is 15 or more years and it matches on the profile. But, when you contact them, they say there is too much of an age difference. Do you folks find that the profile is a flaw with AdultFriendFinder or that when folks fill out their profile, they don't check an age range they are looking for causing the discrepency? Ok, so I'm rambling. Just wondering.

wyvernrose 38F
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6/7/2005 9:57 am

nah some of them set it that way so they can at least see what is out there.....the their cupid preferences....some broaden it a little so as they can easily see what their is even though a little bit outside of just what they are looking for particularly if it is couples they are looking for....some prefer younger women older men involved.....

it's not quite so simple when your looking for 2 people....particularly when those 2 people are different ages...


thundersighs 59F

6/7/2005 10:52 am

The only time I look at "matching" is when, by fluke someone is 100% compatable with me. Rare bird, and strangely enough, you are correct..they are many many miles from me. Perhaps it is more along the lines of how you set up your profile. For example, if you put down, age is not a problem, or distance is no issue..then it would make sense that things match....I haven't looked...but, that's my theory

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