such a bad week  

lushgirl69 49F
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10/6/2005 10:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

such a bad week

It really has been one...I don't get down very often, but when I do, it's like everythhing has gone wrong...
I hate feeling like I am the only one who feels this way, and it's very selfish to think that, of course. I just wish I could cuddle up in bed and let myself cry with someone next to me.
I know this site is supposed to be about sex and all but I just need to be close to someone and know that they care about my heart and not just my body....It's true that girls can get sex whenever they want, if they are out for it...but compassion and tenderness......start to cry and there's a fire to be sure...the men aren't likely to be there to hand you a Kleenex.
I know that's a generalization....
I had an experience this week that really just plain hurt my feelings....a guy I had seen in the past and work with on contracts was for all intents and purposes, ashamed tohat anyone we work with knoew that we had been involved....I am nothing to be embarrassed by. it sucked. It hurt my feelings. Damnit I shouldn't care.

(Juan S)
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10/7/2005 11:01 am

I hate to generalize too, but he sounds very insensitive and like heprobably had something else he was hiding or hiding from...another girl perhaps or a relationship with someone who had a friend or family member working where you guys work, a superior that would look down... had to be something. Cause you for sure don't look like anything to be ashamed of...and you're right you should not care about people that don't care about you,but that is the curse for those of us with big hearts. Don't worry, Karma will handle that one for to the passing a tissue, I do that with platonic friends, so I for sure would do it with someone I was seeing and/or laying next to in bed...
It will be okay cutie.

lushgirl69 49F

10/8/2005 2:42 pm

That is a special song for me as well and I am absolutely touched...I appreciate the support of those who have so graciously written... My momma told me there'd be days like these....
Ihave a very dear friend who has helped me more than they know and are close in my heart,I should make sure they know how much so.....It's important not to take things like that for granted.

dano6332 56M

10/12/2005 5:52 am

Hi Lushgirl, I was reading back over your blogs and yes, you had a bad week. Your ex is an ass period. If you were good enough to be with at one time than you should certainly be good enough to be friends with or at least acknowledge. Screw him move on.
This site is a sex site (AdultFriendFinder) but guess what? Blogland is not. I was thrilled when I figured out that this place is a refuge for all of us to discuss or just complain about anything we want. You use it to meet friends, chat and learn about yourself. The sex becomes secondary and while we all joke about it you get to know people for their minds and wits, not their physical features.
What happened to the guy you were smitten with? either he is to far away or he isnt. If you dont take the chance sure you wont get hurt but you will also still be reaching for the kleenex all alone. I am happy as hell I found someone that I can rub feet with as we sleep and just wish that for all my friends here as well.
Finally if you have sizzle to chat with your never going to be lonely. xo Dan

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