The 3 F  

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6/21/2005 10:11 am

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The 3 F

George walked into the club and saw his friend Dave knocking down one scotch after another and since this wasn’t his normal behavior had to ask what was going on.

He replied that he had lost 15 million dollars today and that would have depressed anyone.

George had to ask, “How could you loose 15 million in one day?”

Well it started this morning, my wife told me she was divorcing me and with the pre-nup it’s going to cost me 5 Million.

George said that's only 5 million, what about the other 10 million?

Well I was depressed about the divorce and thought I would take a trip, so called and told them to get out the jet and they took it for a test fight and it crashed on take off. “Well you are insured aren’t you” asked George? And he explained he was self insured so lost another 5 million.

So he had to ask how did you loose the last 5 million? Well I was even more depressed over the divorce and the crash of the jet, so told them to get out the yacht and they took it out for a test and it sank.

Don’t tell me “Don’t tell me, you are self insured?”

Yes, but learned something!

How in the world could you learn anything loosing 15 million in one day?

Well I learned if it fly’s, float’s, or fu**’s, lease it don’t buy it!

Lapkin4u 42F

6/22/2005 8:22 am

LOL...thanks for the laughs this morning! Welcome Back!

1playfulgal 39F
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6/22/2005 10:52 pm

thanks for the chuckle...i agree with Lapkin4u glad to see you back in blogland...

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/1/2005 10:46 pm

Missed seeing you... Don't be a stranger now, you hear???

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