Ok my Bitch  

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4/29/2005 11:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ok my Bitch

okay, my turn...too much in-sensitivity reigning here...gotta tell ya, it blows to have ppl take words & twist 'em to mean more (or less) than what was meant...I have fun on the boards, yes, I do - and no one can take that away...I will continue to flirt & cajole w/ whomever I please, & don't decry others doin' the same...I hope some of you find what I do amusing...shoot, I do have high hopes for meetin' ppl just like some of the rest of ya, but mostly I hope to be pleasin' ppl for a long time...now if ya got a problem with anyone, e-mail 'em to work it out...airing dirty laundry in public just stinks up the place...if ya can't take the heat, turn it off!

<<--and, despite what ya may think, this is not aimed at any one person...just my opinion

what's yours?

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