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A young man who was raised in a very small town in the South decided that on his 18'th birthday,he should have sex for the first time.

His steady girl was saving herself for marriage so he decided that on his birthday, he would go to the whorehouse in the next county.

The big day finally arrived and with his pockets full of cash,off he went.

After checking his ID the Madam asked what type of activity he was interested in.

"Ma'am, I've never been with a woman before...I guess I don't know."

The Madam tried to explain to him the various services that were available such as Missionary, Woman on Top, Anal,69...

"69", he said...that sounds interesting! I'll have me one of them."

He paid his money and was directed to room #22.There he found the most lovely lady waiting for him,dressed in nothing but her bra & panties.

She undressed herself and slowly undressed the young man,talking softly to calm him down.After a little petting, they assumed the position and in a few minutes he was doing his thing just like a natural.

At that moment, the young lady felt the overpowering urge to pass gas.Holding it was not an option so she tried to let it out slowly and silently.


The young man said nothing and kept right on with his new found pleasure.She figured OK,I got away with it,I really need to do another...perhaps I can sneak in just one more.


With that the young man stopped what he was doing, looked his head up and said"Ma'am,you are a lovely lady and what we are doing here feels better than anything I've ever felt before. But,Ma'am, I don't believe I can stand 67 more of them!"

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