iPod odditities  

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3/17/2006 7:10 pm

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iPod odditities

I realize that it is Friday night and I should be worrying about the fairer sex, but I just have to throw this thought out there:

I have realized that by combining a good number of MP3's on my iPod that I can get some odd combinations of music.

For example, today my ears were drenched with Bach (Johann Sebastian), Johnny Cash (singing the NIN Hurt), a chorale signing Latin, then NIN. So, I think that this is, in some weird and mysterious way, unusual.

However, maybe it isn't. I don't know. Am I the only one mixing music in this way, or is this the norm?

What does your iPod play to you? What is your oddest combination?

Along those lines, have you ever had your "sex music" on, run through the three CDs (okay maybe just two short CDs) of music, only to have some goofy-ass music come on while your in the middle of your "best performance ever"? It happened to me once, and we just laughed it off, killed the CD player and moved in and on...

But what if you're learning German and some German dude comes on and starts asking "Where's the bathroom?" What does that do to the mood? Turn-on? Turn-off? Or, get the hell off of me!?!

Has this happened to you?

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3/24/2006 5:13 pm

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