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6/5/2006 9:52 pm

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Old friends

It has been years since we've seen each other, so we both are looking forward to you coming into town and our night out. I pick you up at your hotel, I knock, and you open. BAM! The chemistry is still there, we embrace as only unfulfilled lovers do. When we were in college you were with him, I was with her and we simply flirted around. Now, years later, you're with another him and I'm with another her, but we are both here and they aren't.

We head out, drinks and conversation, dinner and conversation, drive back to the hotel parking lot and conversation. Then the look. Oh my god, you utter those classic words "I could stay and talk to you all night" and then you give me that look. As if coordinated by a puppet master our bodies almost float out of the seats of the car as we careen towards one another, slowing just enough to not break our teeth and tangle our strings as our lips lock. You grab the back of my head as you part you lips and our tongues dance. I kiss you while trying not to fumble around like a schoolboy nor blow the horn of the car more than once. As I finally get turned to you, I get my hand to you denim covered thigh and you spread your legs in response. I slide my hand up and massage that inner seam of your jeans. As you pull me tighter -


Confused, I break away from you -

TAP!!! TAP!!! TAP!!!

I look around and realize that the hotels rent-a-cop is tapping on the car window with her flashlight and she doesn't look happy. I roll down the window.

"If you're supposed to be in this parking lot, then I know you've got a room."

You laugh as I stumbled to get the words "ah, yes, ah, she does, ah, okay."

"Okay then, the elevator is through the lobby and on the right, please get all the way to your room before resuming" the rent-a-cop says while stifling a chuckle. I roll up the window, get out and get a whistle from the rent-a-cop. "Damn girl, enjoy that, if you can't finish it, I get off at 4" she says as she trains her flashlight on the large bulge in my pants. You laugh again as you grab my hand and pull me to the hotel, while the rent-a-cop calls out "My name is Bertha" then she simply shakes her head.

As we get on the elevator you press the button for your floor and ask "We don't really have to wait until we get to my room do we?" As the door closes, we attach to each other like magnets, me grabbing your firm ass and lifting you closer as you press yourself against my hard cock. Our tongues again are reunited and we explore each others mouth. Before you know it the elevator bell rings and we are back on your floor. We practically run down the hall to your room, reality sets in. We stop at your door, and you say "You can't come in." Amazed, you give me a quick hug, step through the door and close it firmly behind you. I stand in shock.

I walk down the hallway to the elevator, then stop. What am I doing? I turn around and head back to your room as I reach to knock, you open the door. You smile and say "I knew you couldn't leave me like this, we've waited to long." I hug you, as I lift you off of your feet say "I knew you wouldn't leave me to Bertha." You laugh as I carry you into your room so we can start making up for lost time.

Now for the fun part -

-- lumly

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