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2/20/2006 5:16 pm

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i am a 45 year old single lady...i have two growen handicapped sons who still live at home with me....i think some times that scares off any potentual men from a more active relationship/friendship....maybe i am wrong to feel that way...i really enjoy haveing some great fun in and out of the bedroom...not sure how i should or could make myself more maretable to the male gender with out scaring them away or makeing them shy off....ladys i would also like to hear from any one in this simular situation...any comments welcome....not looking for those who would feel sorry for me or my sons...we do not want pity...every day we are ready to meet the challange that day has to offer...but pls talk back to me...this is the best way for me to get started here so evry one know where i am coming from...hope i will do more of this as i learn to place my blogs...

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2/21/2006 5:52 pm

Gurl you know I have looked up to you for several yrs..Tim and Joe are like a breath of fresh air to the ppl whom are close to them...I didnt really know the boys that well till I was JoJo's home nurse...I love his gothic side...hes got a zest for life that I admire...I may not say it that much..but hope he knows how special he is to word...FanFuckingTastic....see its all one word...hehehe..Very smart careing,very intelegent...and will tell a mother fucker wats wat in a damn flash...I thought alot about him when I had disk he suffered having to go thru wat I experinced...and his was more in depth than mine was...god the pain...but it goes away...and I guess wat im trying to say is I Love You guys we have been friends along time...and ive took life for granted many yrs ....ppl juss dont realize wat life really can be...well some of us...but ur family has shown me this...Dont take life for granted and live every day to its fullest....antone who meets these fellas should consider themselves lucky because these guys are proud to call you all my friends....even old scalp dust...rolflmao....Love You Luckycharm143

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