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9/23/2005 8:41 am

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Well i used to be a member of this forum site called maturemany,com. THey are anything but Mature there . Petty vindictive , jealous woemn who have nothing better to do then site around and gossip about others they dont like...which apparently is alot of them. They get people to join telling them we talk sex sex sex all the time then when they become members they find out diffenerntly. But in the meantime the ones that are membersn ad dont cyber are put into the position of having to deal with these guys hitting on them because of some low class sleeze who has a buddy list a mile long just with cybersex pals. I get so tired of having to go into a site and defend myself from these guys who think our sole purpose is to help them jerk off.

Well i had left the site a few days ago furious over accusations that i had a person from AdultFriendFinder banned for advertising and their hateful way to force a person out that they dont like. YES...i did have this person banned and i would do it again after all it is a violation of membership here. THe is NOT affiliated with AdultFriendFinder but many have been approached by email to join and even in the rooms. THis site was a good site when it first started up back in January. But over the past few months things changed. Even new people werent made to feel welcome. Well all I can say is if you join this site you MAY be disappointed in it. It may be ok at first but you will soon find that you have to be part of the clique that is in there . If you arent then you are SOL.

Okay I am done venting now.

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