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12/31/2005 2:26 pm

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Have you ever been so crushed when you found out that someone you cared about, someone whom you thought cared about you because he said he did..actually didn't. I found out quite by accident. I loved this man with every breath I took. He meant alot to me. More then I could possibly express in a blog.

He was there for me to let me lean on his shoulder when I needed to cry or was there to laugh with me when I needed to tell a joke. Why people pretend to be a friend when they only want sex is very hurtful. Dont ever tell a woman you love her, want to be with her, want to meet her unless you are 100 persent sure you do want the same thing.

As for this man if he reads this blog...DOc I will always care for you and there will never ever be another man as special as you were in my life. It will take me along time to get over you.

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