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10/4/2005 6:25 am

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Today is a better day. THe sun is out and the weather has been beautiful for it being October. It was good to sleep in my own bed last night. THe hospital beds are the most uncomfortable I have ever been in. And we wont even touch the topic of food. LOL.

Thanksgiving is coming up this weeknd. Our church is putting on a dinner on saturday night that the kids want to attend. Will just have to see how things go with me.

I was in AdultFriendFinder chatroom last night for a while nad was a huge argument going on. Why people come online to argue is beyond me. It takes away from the enjoyment that others get. One woman was calling another a liar adn telling her to turn on her cam to prove she wasnt a fake etc. Wel this woman is a private person and said she would turn it on in private on yahoo for the woman that was causing all the crap. Of course thewoman refused...if she was proven that the woman was real and did exist then what leg would she have to stand on when she attacks the girl the next time? It could have all been dealt with just by going to yahoo but she wouldnt. Why she feels she has to have things proven to her is beyond me. I wont prove anything to anyone anymore.

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