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10/16/2005 1:26 pm

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I have to voice my opinion on something that has recently bothered me. It seems that the word discretion is no longer in use. When I agree to meet up with someone I point blank say that i am married so i must be DISCRETE. This is ok with the other person. When I chat with friends on IM they all know that discretion is a must, that what I tell them or they tell me remains with me/them. I had this person on chat IM and am now glad that I have deleted him off. He had made a point of coming into the room today and brag about a woman he had hooked up with on AdultFriendFinder the night before and "fucked" so much it will last him a week and that he is so sore. Ok first of all...TMI. Secondly does he not know the phrase " I will NOT kiss and tell." If I was to have met this person I would be extremely pissed that my business was being broadcast all over a chatroom just so this guy could have bragging rights. It is disgusting!!!!!! If I was any woman that was going to make plans on meeting with this man I would have second thoughts on doingso. He doesnt realize that he is now ruining his chance for any woman to hok up with him because he cant be trusted.

We also have another man in the room that we all call a pig, a dog because he too brags but he is not even on the same level as this guy that I had previously mentioned. He has more class because he hasnt even mentioned the women he has been with so no one even knows who he is talking about. We just know that he is bragging baout getting some or whatever he brags about. I give this man credit for having at least a bit of discretion. As for this other person I have lost ALL respect for him and there is no chance of ever getting that respect earned back.

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