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As some of you know I am recently separated from Hubby...about 4 months now. About 2 weeks ago we talked and decided to maybe go slow and work things out. I dint want to give up on my marriage because I have 3 wonderful boys that love their dad so much and look up to him like he can do no wrong. So the past 4-5 days he has been spending more time with us. I thought it was going well. Until yesterday. He seemed to be his old moody self again and had the kids and myself walking around like we were on eggshells. I should have realized and asked him to go back to his place but I didn't.

Last night he blew at our oldest son. He just lost it. I had seen anger in him I had never seen before and it even frightened me. It also didn't help that the son just wouldn't be quiet...but he had to keep commenting. So after 10 minutes of rage he hit him. Something that hubby has NEVER EVER done the whole time we were together. He didn't even like spanking the kids growing up. So I told him to leave. After a few hours of crying and trying to get the son calmed and to the point that he knew I loved him and that his dad did to..hubby calls. Wants to speak to the son but Josh didn't want to. SO we hung up and I turned the phone off.

I knew hubby was hurting too cause I could tell in his voice but I didn't care, I had a son to deal with. Joshua calmed down enough and for the first time in 3 years since he grew up...he is 12 now....he gave me a hug before going to bed. We had a long talk too before he went. This morning his dad called to see how he was and told him he loved late as far as i am concerned. Josh told him he loved him too but he started crying.

What do i do? Do i just tell him to stay away? Do I tell him his attitude must change or not come around? I know what he did was so wrong but i know I have to make a choice on what to do. He was a totally different man last night and it scared me. He is to come around today but I think I am going to tell him to stay away for awhile...i think it is best. And besides his actions last night sent me into a depression and I need ME time today.

Well ty for listening.

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