Viewing Lucky in Action  

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6/11/2006 5:26 pm

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Viewing Lucky in Action

Viewing Lucky in action:

I am going to describe here accounts that I have seen of Lucky in action. Firstly, he showed me pics of himself naked and erect when we were first dating (I had already let him grab my boobs and I was hoping he wasn't too small!). I was happy to see his long, curved thick cock with a nice big mushroom head! I viewed a couple of videos of him in action with two different women: on one was a gang bang where they came on her face. But one was of him and a pretty girl with her boyfriend. It was delicious watching his cock slide in and out of her while he held her hips with his big, meaty hands. She likes him alot, and has asked him over more than once - he was her reward for being an especially engraciating hostess once! She wrote him all sorts of nasty letters and sent him pics. Too bad all but one video was lost when his truck was robbed!

I have seen him in action live. There was this girl who acted like she wasn't interested. She wasn't interested until she saw him in action with this beautiful older woman - a woman whom I only hope to emulate in gracefulness as I age. This older woman could take him on and lick and suck on his cock for hours with or without another man, most often with another. She loved it when he would make her suck his cock up hard, and he would finger her pussy while she was doing it. She would get so excited that her pussy would just overflow! Then he would pull her around with his big strong arms and flip her over on to her knees. She would then take him for hours, just over flowing while he pumped her!

Well, after seeing this action, this young chick decided she didn't want to be missing out - and one night she let him have his chance. She was garnering alot of attention from alot of horny cock, but she laid back on the couch and he started to suck on her clit! Boy, do I know how that feels! She began to cum and cum and she decided she really liked him. She invited him into a private room with just a few attractive couples. He took her form behind, and pumped and pumped her while she cried out in pleasure. Then he made her suck him up and he did something for her that she had only fantasized about: he stood over her masterbating his cock while she sucked his balls and urged him on with nasty language, then he came all over her neck and chest. But what really got her off was when he licked some up and shared it with her in her mouth! She exclaimed to her fiance,"Honey, he knows my fantasy! I have never gotten someone to do that with me!"
Bet she thinks he's hot now!

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6/12/2006 9:06 pm

Very nice stuff....

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