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lucious644 59F
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5/19/2006 5:55 am

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It seems nearly everyone that contacts me
here tells the same married but not having is amusing how similar the messages are.It makes me ask myself why I am here..I have a great sex life...maybe a little bored and in need of some excitement......
Another thing , I am a nice person and have a hard time (I can't send e-mail..doesn't work) finding a nice way to say thanks but no thanks.And then you get the guys that won't take no for an answer...Is there a nice way to say no without pissing someone off?
The instant reply is totally negative..Perhaps a few nicer declines like..You seem really nice but........Lucious644

DumpsGenesTally 68M

5/19/2006 3:36 pm

You are correct, people on here dont like to reply. If you aren't what they are looking for, we should be mature enough to say no thanks. I have sent several emails and it seems you have to beg them to say no thanks or either the email is going no where. Why are we on here? To chat or meet people and if you don't like, just say it. Auto reply piss me off. When I get that, I take it as a "NO".

gspotfinder4her 57M

5/20/2006 2:37 pm

lol true I happen to be a married guy and looking on the side! But so true No mean no ! But i can take a hint. So got and lady friend looking ?

gspotfinder4her 57M

5/23/2006 8:59 am

Hi again just to say nice pic! Ok then can i ask are you here looking or not? and what are you looking for if you are as a standerd member it limits me to what i can do well have a good day.

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