Shouldn't We Both Know What It's Like?  

ltjo2xd 58M
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8/6/2005 7:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Shouldn't We Both Know What It's Like?

I woke up this morning very horny and had very nasty thoughts on my mind. I read another bloggers story about the intensity of previous experiences coming back in ones mind and was reminded about this situation. My entire body was very sensual, with every touch eliciting a pleasurable feeling. As I read the story about the man sitting on the swing thinking about the experience he had I was feeling how strong the remembrance of some experiences can be.

As I started to recall this previous time in my memory it started to recreate itself with my every move. My body started to tingle, my cock began to stir, and my hands found their way to those places that make me beg for more.

My lover had always told me that in order to understand the pleasure that our lovemaking brought to her that we should both experience the same type of things. You may remember my story about her initiating me to ass fucking and what great pleasure that brought for me. On this particular occasion she very much wanted me to experience another activity that she was quite fond of.

She asked me to lie on the floor and to touch myself while she watched. We were both naked at the time and as I stroked myself she methodically moved around my body and gently caressed me, kissed me and licked me. After several minutes of that she lifted my legs up onto her shoulders and gently pushed my buttocks and torso forward; her breasts pushing firmly on the lower part of my back and thighs; my legs draped over her shoulders. In this position I was resting firmly on my upper back and neck with an upward view of my erect cock with her head looking down at me through my legs .

She reached around with her hand and took over stroking my cock; gently kneading it in her palm; rhythmically stroking me as she gently pushed against my back with her body; moving me further and further forward until the end of my cock was directly over my face about 15 inches or so. As she stroked me drips of fluid slowly emerged from inside of me and gently fell on my neck, my chin and my mouth.

As I was remembering this encounter this morning I found a position on the floor with my back up against the side of the bed, stroking myself as she did that night. I could smell, feel and taste the same sensations as I did before, which made me all the more excited. As I closed my eyes and started to jerk very quickly the thoughts of her stroking me that night were as clear as ever in my mind.

Her hand tightened up around my throbbing cock and she began pumping me with deliberate strokes to solicit and orgasm. She gently pushed a finger inside of me and whispered as she asked me if it felt good. She said that she wanted me to experience the taste of my own cum and continued to coax me. Several times she encouraged me to cum and blow a load in my mouth and all over my face. She said she wanted me to twirl it around on my tongue, linger on the flavor and then swallow it. As she continued to stroke me and as I moved closer and closer to orgasm she pointed the end of my fully swollen cock toward my mouth and I arched up as far as I could...within inches it seemed.

As I was thinking about that moment this morning I exploded all over my face as I did that night…slowing stroking my cock after I released to squeeze all of the cum from me; relaxing backward as my muscles relaxed. I licked the cum from my lips, twirled it with my tongue and swallowed to savor the taste…to know what it was like for her to do the same…ohh, if only I could reach that cock with my mouth I would gently suck it until it returned to its normal softness and was dried from the juices it had just produced.

wyvernrose 38F
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8/6/2005 4:31 pm

mmmmmmmmmmm aren't memories delicious


great_lady2 36F
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8/10/2005 5:31 pm

I think the memories are the best part, kindof like movies...
When my partner isn't around the memories are great.

ltjo2xd 58M

8/13/2005 12:59 pm

W -

In this case they literally were!

ens_fanny 44F

8/15/2005 7:19 pm

Well, I for one would love to see that in person. In my mind's eye, that looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for supplying me with great ideas for future use!

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