Oh, so hot...  

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6/14/2005 9:07 am

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Oh, so hot...

Here's one for those who may not be getting enough at home, and well, just need a day to get some.

You’ve been feeling neglected lately and are weary of not having any time for yourself. The opportunity presents itself to do something about that and to have some fun. So, with all of your obligations taken care of you decide early on Tuesday morning to head into town and enjoy the day. If you time it just right you can enjoy some window shopping before it gets to hot, stop for a bite at one of your favorite restaurants, and maybe even go back and buy something before heading home. You think about driving in, but for whatever reason you decide on the metro. As you get to the station the sky is a brilliant blue and there is a warm breeze blowing through the lot. You dressed for the day and the breeze blows across your bare shoulders and gently up your skirt to tickle the inside of your thighs. You’re thinking to yourself it’s going to be a hot day.

You’re feeling good to be away from the day-to-day challenges at home and particularly good to get off the train since the air conditioning was giving you a chill. The warmth of the day feels good against your exposed skin. There are people meandering along the streets; some with a purposeful stride in their walk and others, like you, with no apparent destination in mind.

You’re feeling especially sensual today for no reason in particular and find yourself traveling from one store to another trying on clothes. You just want to see yourself in them and enjoy. You head north on Wisconsin off M-Street and up to one of your favorite shops on the left. As you enter you notice the abundance of summer colors reaching out to you, capturing your senses. You peruse the racks for a while and finally settle on several silk blouses and a cotton skirt to try on. One of the women in the store begins chatting with you as she accompanies you to the dressing rooms.

As you take off your top and slip into the first blouse the silk feels wonderful against your skin and you can’t help but notice the way it is making you feel; smooth, soft and sexy. Looking in the mirror a somewhat familiar sensation runs through your body as you remove your bra and feel the silk gently massage your nipples and the fabric caress you in its movement. You find yourself drifting away fantasizing about some passionate encounter and the blouse dances softly on your skin as you sway back and forth. Your hands slowly move over the silk as you massage your chest and torso working your way downward. You touch the sides of your hips, your belly, and the front of your legs. You gently rub over your panties and know now without a doubt what that sensation running through your body is. You are hot and need to be touched. You need to be fulfilled and satisfied. You want to have a spectacular orgasm and cum; right here and right now.

In the back of your mind you hear a voice and realize shortly that the woman who had helped you with the clothes was at the door asking you if you needed any help or if you wanted to try on something else. With a little gasp and slight jolt back to reality you realize your breathing is somewhat labored and you have a lightheadedness about you. You sit down on the bench and answer quietly that you are doing just fine. Moments later you get dressed and leave to find a nice quiet place to eat.

You’re not sure exactly what you want to do for lunch so you head back toward the river to see if anything catches your fancy. You feel sexy and it shows in your walk; in the smile on your face; in the enjoyment you are having in just letting go and being with the beautiful day. You see what appears to be a nice street café on your right. You check out the menu and like what you see so you sit down and order a glass of cold tea with a mint sprig. As you scope out the menu some more and check out the scenery you glance into the restaurant through the large glass windows and notice a very attractive man sitting in a table toward the back of the restaurant by himself. You can’t help but wonder what his story is and almost involuntarily your mind goes back to the dressing room and the wonderful sensations you were feeling at the time. You smile to yourself, refocus and order your lunch.

Sipping on your drink you keep up with your panning of the area and happen to glance back into the restaurant. I was still in there, but this time as you are looking at me, I look up and see you staring. I smile at you as you smile back. Your head turns slowly away from me as you feel a sense of excitement mixed with just a little embarrassment. You glance back and I am still looking at you intently. Your embarrassment disappears quickly and you are overtaken rather suddenly with a sense of deep sexuality, a warm flush runs through you. I stand up from my table to leave and speak briefly with the waiter and motion in your direction. As I walk through the doors and past your table I smile and ask if I can join you. You say yes and as I sit down we introduce ourselves.

You order another cold drink and I order a glass of wine. As conversations sometimes do the flirting that we had been doing earlier was turning into sexual innuendo and then bordering on lustful conversation. There is no doubt that we are attracted to each other and I am thinking what a fine looking woman you are. Your leg stretches out from under the table and your bare foot gently rubs the side of my calf through my suit pants. I ask you if you are up for an adventure and you quickly respond that you are. I suggest that you find the ladies room. You smile, get up from your chair and I watch you as you saunter toward the back of the restaurant with your purse in one hand and your shoes in the other.

Minutes later I enter the room and you hear the lock being turned on the door. It’s a well lit room with full mirrors on the wall, marble vanity tops and a sofa in this portion, which is obviously also used as a sitting room. I see you sitting on the vanity leaning back on the mirror with your legs propped up and knees slightly opened. Your skirt is covering your legs as I approach you. I stand in front of you in between your legs and lean over to kiss you. It is soft at first, but soon becomes passionate as our tongues probe each other’s mouths. Still kissing I lift up your skirt and run my hands along the inside of your legs until I find your very moist pussy. You lean forward and reach through your legs to undo my belt, lower my zipper and let my engorged cock emerge from my pants.

With a sense of urgency in us both you lean back as I pull your hips close to the edge of the vanity and I plunge my cock inside of you. It slides in easily almost half way and I move my hips back to bring myself out and then push forward again as you moan. Several strokes later I am fully inside of you, your hands on my back pulling me in, my hands on your bottom, pulling on each other as I pump hard into you. Involuntarily you find yourself stretching your legs wider and moving closer and closer to the edge of the vanity as you slip forward in the wetness dripping down from inside you. We are chest to chest, hands behind each other fucking feverishly. Your breasts rub up against my chest and the perspiration running down our bodies makes us slide easily together as we meet, separate and meet again. Thrusting inside of you your moans start to get louder as my cock fills you and plunges deep inside to meet the back of your insides; the void of my withdrawal being filled again by the thrusts. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper as your pussy tightens up around my lengthening cock; grabbing it and sucking it as if to milk the cum from my inside. We look in each others eyes as you begin to convulse and are overtaken by the sheer pleasure of the orgasm that is engulfing you. I erupt inside of you as I pump deeper and the wholeness of your insides swell to take me and massage me. We both convulse one last time and then stop to catch our breath.

In the minutes that follow and we attempt to catch our breath, I stroke inside of you very slowly five or six more times. You trace an unknown image on my chest with your finger and then stick it in your mouth and taste my sweat. I lean over and kiss you on the forehead. We recompose ourselves; I exit the room and glance back at your with a smile and you look into the mirror, smiling, having gotten what you really came here for today.

As you leave the ladies room you look around the restaurant and don’t see me. You approach the waiter to settle up and he looks at you with a knowing look and hands you the check. You open it up and on the front there is a message from me; and the waiter says that everything has been taken care of. You think to yourself that he couldn’t be more correct.

Leaving the restaurant you head back up toward the station. The hot afternoon sun is glaring down as you and the others walk from shadow to shadow of the buildings lining the street. You don’t seem to mind as much as the others how hot it is. A warm breeze blows across your face and gently drifts up your skirt to cool you off. And as you feel me dripping from inside of you, down the softness and smoothness of your left leg, you smile and you recognize a familiar sensation that is gently creeping through your body.

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