Bad kitty!  

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6/16/2005 7:27 am

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Bad kitty!

As I was minding my own business at the office yesterday a vixen from down the hall stopped by to drop something off. It's been hot here this week so her rather revealing top was not that surprising. I did notice, however, that she had what appeared to be the top of a rose bud tatooed on her left breast, which I had never noticed before. She saw me looking and asked if I liked the rose. "I do," I replied. Asked if I wanted to see more I answered, "I do." "Very nice," I said.

"I have another one, which is a mouse. Do you want to see that one as well?" Taking the bait, I asked where it might be and with a smile on her face she pointed to a spot on the right side of her belly. Not to be outdone I said I couldn't wait. With glee in her eyes she raised her blouse, unzippered her pants, and pushed lower and lower in search of the mouse. With shock in her voice she exclaimed it was gone, and looked me in the eyes as she said, "My pussy must have chased it along."

This situation in reverse would have been sexual harassment, but knowing the score I knew that line would end up in the basement. Since pussy was bad in chasing the mouse I thought it only best to look under the blouse. A spanking might have been in order for being so bad, but apparently a tongue lashing was all we could do. Having been told what a bad thing she did, pussy covered up and walked off very glib.

The last time I saw her she was purrrrring away, swinging her hips in the hall at the end of the day.

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