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Last Thursday afternoon you were headed up the walk to the front door and saying goodbye to your friends. The way I met you at the door you knew something was up. You placed your bag on the hall table and I kissed you on the forehead as the door was closing behind you. A twinge of anticipation came over you as my demeanor became more apparent. Whenever this happens you are always amazed by the sense of separateness that you feel from the rest of the world. It’s a good feeling; one of knowing that you are special; as if no one else in the world deserves to feel this way.

I took you by the hand and led you to the steps leading to the basement. As we started down the stairs that familiar, slightly musty scent drifted up towards us and an involuntary sense of sexuality rushed through you as you recalled the activities that we had encountered in this room before. It created a sense of surrealism and made you a bit lightheaded. As we reached the bottom of the stairs and you looked out over the dimly lit room you quickly noticed something on the ceiling and another object directly below it on the floor. Before you could decide exactly what they were I gently wrapped a silk bandana around your head and over your eyes from behind. I knotted it so it wouldn’t come loose and made sure that you were not able to see what was to come.

Almost instantaneously your other senses started to take hold and you noticed the heightened smells, sounds, and touch. I took your hands and walked you a short distance across the floor until we stopped. You felt the soft bindings of the silk rope as I placed them around your wrists and gently tied you; lifting your hands into the air. You now remembered in your minds eye what you saw on the ceiling as you walked into the room; a ring where your bindings now found themselves tied securely.

You tested out your new confinement and moved up and down and side to side noticing that you could squat down toward the floor, but your knees were not able to touch. You put more weight downward and your arms started to ache slightly; still not able to reach the floor with your knees. A humming sound started abruptly and you realized that the object on the floor as you entered was a penis shaped vibrator. As you lowered yourself; pulling on your arms to reach it with your thighs and maybe eventually your pussy, all you could feel was the slightest movement of air between your legs. You could feel it with your thighs, but couldn’t get low enough to touch yourself.

My hands reached out under your arms and helped you upward as you pushed off the floor. I raised your linen skirt and slowly pulled off your white silk panties, which gave you away. Your excitement was already evident by the wetness that had soaked into them; the soft aroma of your juices starting to fill the room. You felt me approach you from the front as I unbuttoned your blouse and removed your bra…the soft feel of the silk blouse gently teasing your nipples as they became more firm. You heard the familiar sound of a zipper and the noise that comes from fabric moving along skin as my pants dropped to the floor. As I moved closer to you my aroma started to fill your nostrils and you became more exited thinking about taking my cock into your mouth.

You were now able to feel the tip of my cock push up against your chin and you tried to move downward to take me into your mouth; but your bonds held you from lowering yourself. As you tried to move forward they raised you upward and my cock slipped lower from your reach. Your tongue found my end and started to lick on me and taste the fluid dripping out…you so wanted to take me all the way into your mouth with deep longing strokes. You pulled further down as you felt the pain in your arms and could move just slightly forward taking an inch or so into your mouth; but it was not sustainable and you had to move backward and release the pressure on your arms. You sunk back down and were reminded again of the vibrator between your legs; and you stretched downward again enough to feel it gently moving across your lips; but you couldn’t get down far enough to pleasure yourself; to have it touch your clit…the phallic object below you was becoming soaked as each drip, drip, drip ran down the sides. Your frustration mounted wanting to either suck my cock or fuck yourself with the dildo and it showed in the uncomfortable movements you were now making while hanging from the ceiling.

I reached up and loosened your bindings as I knelt down in front of you. Taking your head in my hands I pushed my cock into your mouth as you sank down on the vibrating dildo, taking both in as far as you could…your senses becoming overwhelmed as you moved from frustration to satisfaction…each movement opening further as my cock and your new found fuck toy moved deeper and deeper into your orifices. As you sucked my cock your pussy moved up and down on the dildo in synchronous actions; one matching the other as you went deeper and faster on each thrust; your hips now fucking wildly as my cock penetrated your mouth to the back of your throat…the taste of my cum beginning to drip inside of you and developing a lather in your mouth much like a horse having been run. As the moans and sounds emerging from your mouth indicated you being on the brink of cumming, I removed my cock from your mouth and quickly pulled you back up to your original position with the silk ropes; the dildo popping from your pussy as you anticipated exploding…but not just yet.

As I moved behind you I bent you over and took my hand and moved your lubricant to your ass and slowly pushed the now released dildo inside of you. You let your body drop as far as you could go with your hands still tied and pushed your buttocks up in the air as far as you could; pushing back towards me as I slowly slid it into your asshole. Your tightness quickly changed and within minutes you were grinding your ass back and forth enjoying the pleasure…and then firmly I thrust my cock inside of your wet pussy. One arm was wrapped around your waist pulling you closer as I thrust inside of you and one hand holding the end of the dildo against my belly so it moved in and out of you in rhythm with my pumping. Faster and faster as the feeling of both objects penetrating you took you over the edge as your cunt tightened up around my cock and your entire body began to shiver; anticipating the orgasm you were about to experience. The tremors in your body changed to jerks as you spasmodically tried to fuck my cock and the dildo harder and harder…needing every last bit that you could muster up.

As your orgasm started to settle I untied you and let you drape to the floor; still off balance from the involuntary contraction of your muscles. Still reeling from the orgasm I lifted you up on all fours and lied down beneath you taking your pussy in my mouth, licking it, sucking on your clit; the dildo still buried deep within you. Blindfolded you worked your way around and took my cock back into your mouth and began frantically sucking me off and stroking me at the same time. My hand moved the dildo in and out of your ass as my lips devoured your lips; my tongue pushing hard against your swollen pussy; my nose against your clit; lapping you and licking you; fucking you with my tongue, my nose and the dildo. You took my cock into your throat as I started to pump upward to meet your thrusts…the movement and sounds in the room overtook both of us as I released my load within you; the taste sending you over the edge again as you humped me and came across my face.

Exhausted, sweaty and wet we lie there, my belly to your back, gently stroking each other as we caught our breath; still blindfolded…anticipating what might happen next.

great_lady2 36F
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6/30/2005 1:30 pm

That is great!!!! I need a fantasy to happen to me just like that...
Thanks for the great stories...

ltjo2xd 58M

6/30/2005 7:38 pm

Careful what you ask for GL, you might get just get it...

ltjo2xd 58M

7/5/2005 8:07 am

Smiling Eyes - Glad you liked it...and thanks for the compliments.

ltjo2xd 58M

7/5/2005 8:08 am

Hello Kate - As always, nice to see you at my place.

rm_LacyCuffs 49F
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7/22/2005 11:27 pm

Oh my! what a wonderful fantasy/bedtime story, indeed. *eg*
Shall we chat?

ltjo2xd 58M

7/23/2005 7:07 pm

LC -

Absolutely - glad you enjoyed.

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