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ltjo2xd 58M

6/7/2005 3:14 pm

Still amazed that people will send an email instead of posting a response on the blog...oh, well. To answer your question, NO, I really wouldn't fuck my daughter; and probably wouldn't let the majority of you do it either! But that's why it's called a fantasy and that's what this blog is all about. Give a girl a break (not me). However, the picutre was a roomate of my daughter who likes to show off.

ltjo2xd 58M

6/8/2005 12:54 pm

And her response is...

I need to taste you... about testing your cock for temperature sensation by taking ice in my mouth... getting my entire mouth... tongue, lips, cheeks... really cold, then sucking on you until you are about to explode,
then drinking very hot tea and engulfing your cock again, and alternating it like that while I begin to stroke your prostate gently
I do have small fingers... don't worry, it will be very gentle just making sure that my lips are over my teeth as I relax my throat and lick your shaft as I start to deep throat you and hum very low

as I keep my hand right in front of my lips to stroke you to your base, keeping with the rhythmic timing of my mouth as I hum, and suck... feeling you grow larger and larger hearing you moan

as you almost begin to cum I stiffen my tongue and flick it across your head...your very enlarging head and trace every curve of you
as I look up at you with my brown eyes and you see the lipstick all over your cock

I lick all the precum off of you

very nice

I run your cock across my lips, my cheeks feeling its silky firmness
gripping the base of your cock and just as I see you calm down a bit
I tighten my lips over my teeth and pop my mouth over your cock as if you are entering a virgin pussy and with one stroke engulf you all the way until I start to gag... then try to relax my throat...

oh, it is so huge...

mmmmmm... I taste your precum oozing out...

and I lap it up I need to swallow you I feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I deep throat your cock and reach under my skirt, into my silk panties and begin to play with my enlarging clit

oooooohhhh.... mmmmm

as I suck on you deeper and deeper and you grab my hair and reach to feel my lips stretched tight bobbing up and down you start to grate your cock into my lips harder and harder as I moan muffled moans
and you fuck my face...

god, this feels so good

I sit up on my knees and reach around and grab your ass
and pull you into me I need to swallow you. oh god, I think, I want to taste him, to drink him, all of your cock thrusts over and over into my lips I try to play with you with my tongue but it is too fast too overwhelming I relax my throat and just become completely engrossed in sucking on you, only you... all that exists is your cock, right now…pumping as I milk you, grabbing your ass and then reaching with one finger into your ass and begin to massage your prostate
to empty you completely, to swallow all of you gently stroking your seed inside so I can taste all of your seed outside
as you grab my hair with one hand to help my head, my mouth in its mission as you reach down and start to squeeze my nipples harder and harder as my breasts bounce and jiggle all around your thighs I feel my nipples get harder and harder

I am so wet right now

and I beg you with my eyes... feed me... as my pupils dilate, the overwhelming rush of my body's own opiates fills my body as I go higher and higher...everything gets blurred... my breasts are bouncing against your thighs as my mouth tightens then releases and I begin to rub my pussy over your leg. The stimulation starts to make me quiver more and more as I suck you. I start to shudder in orgasm as my mouth engulfs you, my legs shake, my screams, my moans muffled by your cock
as all the world goes into a complete blinding light.

I feel your cock tremble, oh....your leg is so wet from me cumming all over it...mmmm... I feel like I have never felt, yours, a slut for you...completely wanting your cum... needing you to fill me...I hear you grunt gutturally as you pump deeper and deeper into my mouth, my throat and you tell me... "I am gonna cum." I nod...completely needing your cum in my mouth, to taste it, to feel it shoot to the back of my throat. mmmm, yes.... I nod, so excited... feeling myself sweaty and trembling all over.

I need to taste you.. feed me... feed me...
and I milk your prostate

and you are taken over by sudden involuntary spasms
which run down your body

and you shoot into my throat

I lap it up, milking more and more out of you..your head huge in my mouth as you erupt and you shudder as I tease you and play with your very sensitive head, trying to get out each drop

I giggle as you try to gyrate to stop the overstimulation
and with a few extra strokes of my hand, I lap up the
last bit...

Thinking of you...

your little girl...

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