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9/7/2005 9:48 pm

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It was one of the hottest days of the year. And the air conditioner chose today to go out. The temperature was soaring over 100 degrees outside, and rising inside as well. I was trying to find some clothes that I could remain comfortable in. Finally I settled on a very sheer black robe and a thong. It provided lots of ventilation for air flow. Still it was sweltering. Occasionally I would wander to the refrigerator just to open it and stand in the coolness of the air. Eventually I would just grab a handful of ice and run it slowly over my body. First I was just running it over my neck and face, and then eventually going lower over my breasts and slowly circling my nipples until they were standing erect. Oh it felt wonderful. Sending chills down my spine and landing right between my legs. Soon the ice was tracing circles down my belly and straight to my sweltering cunt. Just once I wanted to feel the ice on my clit, to send chills through my pussy. Boy was it hot and getting hotter by the minute.
In the middle of my ice adventure in cooling down the doorbell rang. I peeked through the curtains and seen it was a very good friend of mine. I opened the door dressed scantily and handed her an ice cube. I asked her if she was as hot as I was. She came in and immediately undressed and said she thought she was even hotter. She took the ice cube and started rubbing it around her breasts as well. Then she had a brilliant idea and put two ice cubes on her nipples and motioned me forward. I came forward and we held the ice cubes between our breasts as she enveloped my mouth in a full French kiss. As her tongue expertly explored my mouth dancing with my own tongue her hands started exploring my body. Slowly the worked their way down to my full ass rubbing and playfully spanking. It was so hot it didn�t take long for that ice to melt. I told Marissa not to worry I had a freezer full of ice.
We walked over to the couch and sat down. I had filled up a glass with ice and it was sitting on the coffee table. I reached over and grabbed another cube. I slowly ran it over her neck following it with my tongue licking up all of the water it left in its path. Slowly I worked my way down to her breasts. She was slightly smaller then I was. I am a 36D and Marissa is a 36C. But she has plenty. I�m a breast woman. I started circling her nipples and then sucking them up in my mouth�we both moaned with pleasure. I spent quite a few minutes just going back and forth between both breasts. Both of us were enjoying our selves immensely. As I was working on her erect nipples slowly licking and sucking, I reached down between her legs. As I thought, she was dripping wet. I circled her clit with my thumb as I put a finger inside her sopping cunt. She let out a loud moan and threw back her head and pushed her cunt down on my fingers. I started circling her cunt faster and faster with my thumb and could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. Not ready for her to cum yet I slowed down and continued teasing her breast with the ice and my mouth.
. Ready to continue with my pleasure and Marissa�s I slowly left her breast and continued my downward path. I stopped momentarily at her belly button melting the ice there and then sucking it out. She loves having her belly button played with, and then continued down not stopping again until I made it to her clit. She was so excited by this point that I was afraid that if I touched her clit she would immediately cum. First I iced down her clit and that chilled her out for a bit. I ran the ice around her clit a few more times and then went down and sucked it off. As I was sucking her clit I put the ice cube in her dripping hole. That made her catch her breath, but then moan with pleasure. Soon the ice was melted and then I put my fingers in her hole as I continued to suck her clit. Soon she was humping my fingers and face she was so close to her orgasm. I started sucking harder on her clit and soon her body shook as she reached her climax. She laid there for a few minutes as I rested my head on her stomach and then said it was my turn.
She reached over and grabbed several ice cubes as well and started working her magic over my body. Again she put one on each of my breasts, as I was laying on my back at this point and one on my belly and then lay down on top of me. As soon as she was down on me she was devouring my mouth with hers. She has the softest mouth I have ever kissed. Her tongue was intertwined with mine and she had her fingers in my hair as I was rubbing her gorgeous round ass. Again it didn�t take long for the ice to melt and for my body to be tingling from head to toe. She lifted some of her weight off of me but only enough that we could look down and see our nipples resting on top of each other. It was truly one of the most erotic views you could possibly imagine. Both of us had skin glistening from the heat and the ice cubes and our nipples touching was just too much. I reached up and pulled her down to kiss her and then moved her up so I could once again suck on those gorgeous orbs. Slowly she pulled away even as she was moaning again with pleasure. She went down and started sucking one breast as she grabbed the other breast and started teasing my nipples. Instinctively I arched my back so that she would be forced to take more of my breast in her mouth. She sucked and teased me into a frenzied state. She wasn�t yet touching my clit so I had to reach down and do it myself.
Slowly she left my breasts and moved my hand aside and took over where I had left off. She worked her way down my stomach and reached my clit that was at this point extremely sensitive as I was very close to orgasm. She circled her expertly trained tongue around my clit and teased my unmercifully. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to my clit at the same time I pushed it up to her. It didn�t take her long to have me moaning and bucking at her lips as I could feel my orgasm building. But to my dismay as I got very close she pulled away. She told me it wasn�t my time yet. As she sat looking at my dripping pussy she slowly put two fingers in my hole and slowly worked them around. Then she slid in another finger and put a thumb on my clit. It was driving me wild. Then she pulled out again and I was showing my displeasure with her. She told me to relax, she would get there eventually. She separated my legs and put one of hers under mine. Slowly she slid forward and then we were pussy to pussy. She slowly started to gyrate her hips and our pussies were grinding against each other. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling. I could feel my orgasm starting to build up again as our clits rubbed. Finally she stopped and put her mouth back on my clit and that was it, I couldn�t have held back any longer if I wanted to. My body shook as I bucked against her mouth as wave after wave my orgasm rolled over my body. When we were both through, she laid down on the couch next to me our arms and legs entangled.
That�s how my husband found me as he came home from work. With that look in his eyes I knew our day of fun was not over.

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9/8/2005 7:25 am

Very HOT story. Thank you. Keep it goin.

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