Sticky food = yummy fun!  

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10/16/2005 11:42 pm

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Sticky food = yummy fun!

Well! This is a site that is actually worth putting a blog on!! And gettin your rocks off! So many b-e-a-utiful women, so little fuel in the car to get to all of you...

No matter, one at a time. I am a newbie at this kind of thing and only a standard member (not paying $; I know, I'm a cheapskate!) so if there are any friendly girlies who would like to give me a chatty chance, please post to this blog and let me know. Thanx, all you pretty little things!

So, being the virgin online dirty talker I am, I'll test the waters with you literary voyeurs!

There was one girlfriend I had a few years back who was really quite delicious and a little dirty. She decided she would try something different one day and calls me into the living room wearing nothing but these cute panties and a tight little top that accentuated her perfectly pert little dumplings! Yum yum! On the coffee table was a tub of Yogo (a chocolate pudding dessert), a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of cream. She sat there with this devilish, achingly gorgeous, mischevious look on her face.
"Sit down," she says, pointing to the other end of the couch.
I do as I'm ordered (not usually being the submissive type, but what the hell!) and she then tells me that I am not allowed to touch her. At all. What the fuck?
I agree, though, and don't regret it! She starts by taking off that tight top of hers and setting her two bouncing orbs of pleasure free. Then she proceeds to slowly pour the cream down her front, letting it run down in between her supple breasts. She uses her hands to rub the cream over those sensuous curves, keeping a wonderfully slow pace.
By now, the ever alert soldier downstairs is standing to full attention!
Her tongue starts to lick the cream off her hands and as each hand is cleaned sufficiently, she reloads with more cream by running the skin between her index finger and thumb over the top of her erect nipple, bottom to top. Good God! I'm already desperate to touch everything; she sees this and gives me a warning look and slight shake of the head. Bummer!
There's still a little cream left on her tight young body, when she reaches for the strawberries. Oh, yeah, you guessed it... strawberries and cream, baby!! Each lucky little strawberry is run across her erection-inducing body collecting cream as it goes. Her ruby lips open and that cream covered fruit goes slowly into her wet, hot mouth. One at a time. Slowly. Torture.
Then it's Yogo time, as if all that ain't enough! Onto those stiff little nipples it goes, rubbed all over titty central, then down the center line of that trim tummy and, by God, under the panties! I am absolutely desperate, by now, with heavy breathin and all, and she's sounding the same.
"Do you wanna lick it off me?" she asks seductively.
"Hell, yes!!" I reply with gusto!
And I am in there, hammer and tongs, licking every drop of that yogo off every inch of her body. I have to say, I need to give myself a bit of credit for showing at least a little restraint and not jumping straight into the finale (You know, giving the fun button a grand old tongue lashing until she squeals uncontrollably). And I have to give her HEAPS of credit for knowing the right way to tease a man!

Now that was an awesome day! Any comments? Feel free!!

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