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10/26/2005 12:30 am

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When I was about 18, maybe 19, I had been out of luck in the shags department for quite some time when my best mate (even to this day) gives a frustrated sigh (I had been whinging to him a bit!) and tells me he's going to let me in on something. It turns out that he has a fuck buddy who has a friend that is just as horny and without morals as her.

Of course, my eyes light up and I'm pushing him to call them and set something up! He gives them a call and gets me on the phone to talk this chick with whom I have one of the most awkward conversations I have ever had.

We up and leave and meet them on a corner in a suburb about half an hour away. Apparently she has a boyfriend, but doesn't seem too fussed! Neither am I! At this stage in my life I was still a bit of an awkward kid and wasn't very smooth at all.

My mate had told me on the way there that all I had to do was unzip my fly and she would fuck my brains out. I, of course, thought he was over-exaggerating.

I was wrong.

After my friend had left with his fuck buddy (roots on tap, he called it!) me and her friend walked back to the car and sat there for several uncomfortable minutes while I stumbled over words and tried to 'make conversation'. Stupid, I know. With 20/20 hindsight I see now that she just wanted me to shutup and pound her!

Now I know what you're all thinking - 'My God, he didn't do anything! What a fool!' Well thats where you're wrong and I found out my friend was right!!

All I did was put my arm around her and she sticks that marvellous tongue down my throat! 2 seconds after that she's pulling her pants off and, as soon as I realise whats going on, I'm doing the same! Then we fucked like rabbits on heat! Oh, what a night, as the song goes! When we finished, I open the door to chuck out the condom and my friend with his root is sitting there with a smirk on his face! I shut the door and told her that they were out there, but I wanted to go again. We fiddled with that idea for a minute (she wanted to as well!) but thought we better let him back in his own car. I told my buddy this later and he says "you shoulda!" What a mate!

I've had many fuck buddies since and am now looking for another. I just love them and the concept they keep alive - to be able to shag with no strings!!

The moral of the story - always believe your friend when he says he knows a chick is easy and loves to be! Don't fuck around, just fuck!

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