good old ice  

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6/10/2006 10:20 am
good old ice

Lets see, your all hot and ready to finish up after a few hours of making love and you say I want you to cum heavy in me and instead I get up and go to the freezer for some ice cubes.
I take the first one and run the cube around your nipple making it very sensitive to feeling and I am licking and sucking your other nipple. I switch nipples and you moan as my tongue runs over your very hard and sensitive nipple, I take the nipple into my mouth with lite biting and at the same time you fell my hand running down your tummy and the coldness of the ice cube that is over half melted away from the heat of your body. I run the cube over your clit and stop for just one or two seconds, but it makes its point as you arch your back and say OH GOD, then I continue and reach your pussy and so gently slide it into your now quivering pussy and I hear this now loud moan.
I run my tongue down the same path the ice cube took and run my tongue over your clit and you are starting to settle down a little bit not knowing that the ice cube tray is sitting right next to me. I look at the tray and see the ice has melted down a little bit and has taken off the corner edges, I pick one up and start playing with your clit with it, then I insert not one, not two, not three but four ice cube into your hot and wet pussy, I hold my fingers over your pussy, so the ice will not be forced out by you and start playing with your clit.
I feel a little cool water start to come out of your pussy, so I move up and enter you, you wrap your arms and legs around me as not to let me out or away, we do some very heavy moving with my cock teasing and then going deep into your pussy. After 5 minute or so and the ice cubes are long gone, we both cum and you then feel it cool sensation of the water and our love juices mixed flow over the crack of your ass, to the sheets below and you give out a moan and I give out a sigh, I go to pull out and you say no, please don't, I want to feel you go soft in me.
Only if the person who invented ice cubes knew how much pleasure he would be giving.
Have a great day and a better evening.

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