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7/19/2006 6:49 am

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for women only

We go out for breakfast, your wearing a 2 piece outfit, a loose fitting top and a skirt. Our conversation leads to what we like in the opposite sex. You tell me that you would like to talk more and ask me over to your house.
We get there and you tell me to sit down, that you have to change loads of laundry, so I do on the couch. You come back and sit next to me, I put my arm around you and you kind of snuggle in. We talk for about a 1/2 hour and then you turn to me and say thank you for breakfast and give me a short passionate kiss on the lips, you then cuddle in a little closer and lay your head on my shoulder and we talk a few minutes more, I lift your head up slowly and I hear this little sigh, I turn your head so we are face to face and slowly move in for a kiss, our lips meet but the kiss doesn't happen. I hear this little sigh again and very heavy breathing. I lean in again and our lips meet and the kiss begins. The kiss seems like it lasts for hours, but it is only a minute or 2. I start kissing your neck and I hear a very loud sigh with an OH GOD does that feel good. I look down and your nipples are protruding and making very noticable mounds on your shirt. I say I see someone isn't wearing a bra, you reply with, no I am not, so I lift your shirt and start sucking on one of your nipples, again a loud sigh and you tell me that you were thinking about what may happen and you started to get wet so you also sliped off your undies. I check it out by sliding my hand slowly under your skirt, starting at your knee and ever so slowly up the inter part of your leg until I reach your tight. I can feel the wetness already. I slow the movement up and start sucking your nipple harder. You sart sliding down to the edge of the couch hoping to get my hand where you want it, but it doesn't happen. You slide your hand over and feel my now very hard cock and I then slide a finger into you and you say, I don't want your finger I want your cock. You start taking off my pants and I move between your legs and insert the head of my cock into you and pull it out, I do this several times and you scream stop teasing and make love to me please, so I go all the way in and your body starts to shake as you have a powerful orgasm. I pick up the pace of running my cock into your hot, tight orgasming pussy, you cum many times more. there is a small puddle starting on the floor and you say stop for a little but I don't hear well so I keep going just go a little faster, you have a mind altering orgasm and I cum at the same time which makes you sigh very loud, feeling my cum hit the back of your pussy, I pull out and hear a pop and then you say oh god, it's running out of me and you slump over onto the couch and say thank you, I needed that.
Part one of many parts

elusive_angel 53F

7/24/2006 3:46 pm

Yummy fantasy !!!!

Elusive Angel


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