communication, the internet, living in the moment  

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6/18/2005 1:49 pm

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communication, the internet, living in the moment

Last night I stayed up till 6 or 7 in the morning chatting online. I haven't done that since 1997! It was so nostalgic, and reminded me of why it is I don't know most of the acronyms used today. The first chatroom I went to was a palce called WBS... I met, IRL, 4 people from there, and a 5th I keep in phone/e-mail contact with to this day (9 years later.)

I find things that I didn't know existed and I have to try them out, so now I'm writing letters to people in prison. I can't write to guys because they only want to hear from women, so women it was. Someone stole my address from someone else and now I get a letter from a really horny prison gal in Gatesville, TX, every week or so. One of them, the one I actually wrote (I still have to ask her if she sold my addy), is a very interesting person. I recommend you try it unless you're chicken shit about somebody showing up at your door some day (their release dates are usually so far off, you can all but count on that having zero possibility of happening, still, it's part of the fun.)

So I guess this post is all about communication. I was in a 2 yr. 8 mo. relationship that ended just after 9/11, and that was the most stable of the ones I had before or since. I always made sure, in my relationships to be very open about everything and how I felt, what I thought, etc. It doesn't make any difference if you're just not with the right person for who you are at the time. So I'd say, knowing who you are, communication can then be essential to good relationships. You can't overdo it though. Talking too much takes you out of the moment and you might as well be watching your own life instead of living it. And I think if you want to make good memories with your fb to think about when you're flying solo, you've got to balance that relationship somewhere between complete verbal openness and complete living in the moment.

Ecaffine 52F

6/18/2005 2:28 pm

hmm,good luck

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