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6/10/2005 2:59 pm

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I'm considering going to my first M&G. There are two tomorrow in the Denver area. From the personality of the woman I asked about it (she mentioned being shy or quiet), I was encouraged to say why not. All this reservation is because I am much more of a have fun at the house kind of person than a hang out at the 'scene' type. The idiocy of our culture and its obsession of looks over quality is nowhere more evident than at the 'scene.'

Ironically (or maybe this makes total sense), I like to be the center of attention. I don't know if women ever have any interest in watching a couple have sex but that would be fun to try. I'd like to masturbate in front of a woman also, the kind of woman who would be turned on by it. I also like to watch, but I'm not much of a side-liner when it comes to sex. So basically, it would be fun to watch a woman masturbate and then lend a helping cock.

I'm glad it's Friday but I don't have plans. I'm anxious to meet some decent* women in the Boulder/Denver area.

*honest, genuine, caring, energetic, all the things you want as well, but nobody's perfect, so I'd say the most important thing to tell a woman reading this, wondering if I'd like her is this: I don't want to take part in any intimate activities of a woman who is with a man without that man's knowledge. I've been through the wringer and I'd never send another man, no matter how much I had against him (well... I'd have sex with President Bush's daughters, but that's totally different.) Hearts can be broken, but they'll not be broken by me.

doanokanagangirl 43F
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6/18/2005 3:25 pm

too bad you are soooo far away! I would love to masturbate for you and have you lend me a helping cock at the height of it all !

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