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6/5/2005 9:52 pm

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About me

I'm a 26-year-pld college student. Very open-minded and interested in women only. I am very considerate and affectionate and I am looking for someone(s) to have fun with. I don't want a relationship right now but if that comes later, I will be happy to see things develop. I love great sex and I'm looking for a woman at my level of experience (or above and willing to teach me a few things.)

I don't know what else to say but to encourage you to contact me. A simple phone call can cover so much more than this self-describing.

I'm a humble person, love to laugh and really enjoy teasing people. Some people don't understand my humor at all and most get it with patience, and once they do get it, they tend to really like it because my sense of humor is essential to me. I can't see how you can be cognizant of the world around you without a sense of humor.

That said, I'm also serious about learning -- one year to go in my studio art/english major. I'm hoping to join the Peace Corps eventually. What else do you want to know? I hate speaking obvious things, unless it's over the phone and I can gague your reactions and hear your voice and flirt with you. I love to flirt, and I really love to make people smile.

But really, the reason I am here and not at a normal dating site is that I love sex and right now I want to keep things relatively simple. Don't get me wrong though. After sex, I'd not be like, ok, hit the road. I believe sex creates a necessary intimate connection and a 'relationship', but it doesn't have to be a relationship of any form which neither participant wants (it should be everything that the two can agree on.) I like to take things slowly and see where they go.

I'm half romantic and half animalistic when it comes to love and sex. It's an interesting combination because you will be very turned on and feel loved at the same time, never abused or used unless you want to be (lightly... none of that hard-core shit.) Everybody's got different turn-ons. What are yours?

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