The Moment  

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12/21/2005 5:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Moment

I can feel you riding me right now. I can feel me enter you wet pussy slowly as you gently slide down on my hard cock sliding in and out slowly as you finally get all of my dick in you. Slowly riding me as I grasp your breast squeezing then gently but firmly. Then turning you over to place you on your hands and knees as I slide my hard throbbing dick in your already wet dripping pussy. Sliding my dick into you slowly feeling your lips slowly spread for my dick as I enter slowly in and out feeling you quiver in your pussy as I pound you over and over to you cannot stand it anymore.

Then we go into the shower where we wash each other caressing each other and sudsing each other up and playing with each other more. I run my hands all over your front washing you up and slowly working my way down your body washing you and I slide my fingers down your clit spreading your lips as I stick a finger in you slowly in and out rubbing your pussy making you cum again. Then you take your hands and clean me off and work your way down to my throbbing hard cock as you stroke it slowly with your hands and then faster and faster until I shoot my cum clear across the tub. I take you and turn you around so that your back is against my front and I rub you up and down pressing your body into mine caressing your breast and sliding my cock through your pussy lips as I run my hands down your body reaching your pussy and playing with it again then I gently push your shoulders down so that you are bending over and I stick my hard cock in you again taking you over and over until we both cum at the same time.

Then I turn you around and go down on my knees to lick your sweet pussy as your grab the back of my head and force me deeper into your pussy licking and sucking up your juices until you cum. Then I slowly kiss you gently staring at your pussy and working my way up to your breast and then to your lips as I grab you and give you a big hug feel you body quiver from all the excitement. Then we step out of the shower and dry each off and get dressed and we stop at the front door to hug and kiss some more anticipating the next time we can meet and enjoy each other again and again.

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