Things I Learned This Month  

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12/25/2005 10:30 am

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Things I Learned This Month

About myself:

1. I have realized that what I crave is not raw,anonymous one-night-stand sex (Guess I'm not 30 anymore...)but INTIMACY that includes sex. I really love being close to a woman and pleasing her. Not getting off and moving on.

2. It is REALLY GREAT to meet someone's mind before you ever see them! This is so much better than spotting a hot body and then having a disappointing conversation.

3. Searching and blogging on this site has caused me to be more introspective than I have been in along time. The self-examination and testing of my beliefs about others and myself has been refreshing. So I renewed for one more month.

About YOU:

1. I hate to say this, but several members I have interacted with this month have been frauds. Talk,talk,talk...tease,tease,tease...but when the rubber meets the road..they are GONE! It is really silly (or maybe sad) to see this. If you are stroking your ego you are a sad case. If you are just afraid to make the first step--DO IT! You will learn some fascinating things about yourself...Stop living your life on the outside looking in...the only bad decision is the one you never make.

2. There are some great and sincere members out there who really have a lot on the ball. I LOVE you girls! Not afraid to call a spade a spade, write your own profiles instead of borrowing the lame shit from AdultFriendFinder. It is truly a PLEASURE to know you!

3. I love the uniqueness that each of you brings. Every woman is a beauty in her own right. Height, weight, breast size, butt size --they all vary and they are all perfect in their own way. Combine the unique, proportional, physical YOU with hopes, fantasies, imagination an interesting personality (yes you ARE interesting--don't be your own worst enemy) and the willingness to step out of the cage that your mind has imprisoned you in-- and the results are always rewarding!

4. Younger women. These ladies continue to fascinate me. Their world seems to extend to about 3 years either side of their age! Why would someone come on a site like this (after all, it takes an adventurous spirit and a lot of courage) and then limit themselves to guys who haven't seen any more of life than they have?
Oh, well...

About AdultFriendFinder:

1. I have run across three "to-good-to-be-true" profiles. When they reply, they give you a address. When you follow them up they turn out to be scams to get you to hook up with another place where you can create your own naughty website. Gotta love that "American Ingenuity"...

More to come...

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