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12/9/2005 8:41 am

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I know that some of you are on this site for the thrill of the chase but have no intention of ever being caught....and that's OK.

And some of you just get off on seeing your naughty pictures posted on the internet and having guys send you pictures of their cock and make promises of great sexual bravado...that's OK, too.

This is a wonderfully diverse site-- as Pee Wee Herman would say "Is that cool or what!!" -- and we all conspire together in this, our own naughty and exciting cyber-underworld.

But for you Pretenders out there I have some advice and a request.

Advice: Don't goof around until you find yourself in a live encounter and then become overwhelemd with guilt. A tearful confession to your spouse might clear your conscience -- but you will be doing so at his expense. Better not to stray at all if you can't handle it.

Request: Please politely decline my inquiries early on. I don't want to unintentionally be the catalyst for the bad news that your spouse receives.

Love you all .. now everybody back to the hunt!

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