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loveswomen49 56M
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12/6/2005 2:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Dick

OK, this is bizarre. There is no fucking way I am going to stick pictures of my cock on the web!

How many of you donkey-hung studs out there have ever asked a woman what she values most? If she isn't a crack whore or someone who was fucked by her uncle Jethro, the answer won't be "a big dick". Insecure women who want to sound hot blather on about big cocks. Real women generally look at a man as a total package -- more interested in what he does for their total being. Pleasing the pussy is a necessary part of it -- a BIG part of it. But most of the women who are on this site aren't here because their current partner is a few inches short of Mister Ed. (That's a talking horse for all of you youngsters out there.)

OK, so now that you've figured out that I am just jealous because I am NOT hung like Mister Ed, I'll give you the dimensions of MY dick. The only reason I even KNOW these dimensions is because I saw the profile of a REALLY hot babe yesterday and she said that I ABSOLUTELY could NOT write her if my dick wasn't at least "6 inches in circumference".

OK fine. So I crank up my favorite one-guy-and-two-chicks video I downloaded off, grab a cloth measuring tape (no cold steel for my boner),put my somewhat nervous dick in my hand (he knew he could do the 6 inches long part, but the "6 inches around" thing had never been checked -- and he wanted to get into this babe's pants even worse than I did.)

Well, right before I was ready to cum (when the redhead with the not-completely-real tits was screaming from orgasm while the blonde one with the great ass was licking his balls), I did my coitus interuptus, grabbed the measuring tape and wrapped it around Marco, Jr. ................

Oh My God!! 6 1/4" at the base!! Quick re-check of the length (it had been a few years) showed 6" even. Yes!!! That woman is going to be all mine!! Even better: My dick gets even bigger when I'm working with the Real Thing!

Needless to say I rushed off an email to her -- I KNOW she wants me!! Well, it's been a few days and no response -- One of you donkey-dicked 10" circumference guys probably impaled her and made her day.

Oh well...crank up the video again.

rm_Ode2ManyJoyz 63F
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2/18/2006 6:01 pm

my my you have quite the mind.... i think it would be fun to watch you jack off sometime? r u game? let me know....

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