Fantasy-fantasy or real fantasy?  

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2/12/2006 12:18 am

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Fantasy-fantasy or real fantasy?

When I read other blogs and discuss fantasies of the AdultFriendFinder kind with other members, it occurs to me just how far behind the fantasy curve I've become -- am I really that straight-laced? And this from a guy who fantasises about nearly every woman he meets, even briefly, like I think most guys do. But am I pushing the envelope? The answer, I've found, is no.

To use the football metaphor (since the Super Bowl is not far behind us), it's as if my own fantasies are akin to a quarterback sneak for a yard that somehow breaks open and I gain, say, 10 yards. That is, "boy, wouldn't it be nice to...(fill in the blank) with her. Boring. On the other hand, it's amazing to me to see how many people are throwing deep (no pun intended) on the first down and every down with toe-curling and blood-pumping fantasies. Wow! Has my mind been opened up!

This was sort of the epiphany I think I was looking for when I signed up a month or so ago. A head slap (staying in the football vernacular) to get me revved up. Keeping the lesson in mind, I hope it loosens me up for better "chat." (And, by the way, the non-erotic stuff is fun, too.)

So, because I've promised somebody to not be as wordy (since my profile is already a novella), I'll cut this post short.

But anybody else had the same "enlightening" experience? How did it turn out?

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