Attention to Detail? Or loving it all!  

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2/15/2006 9:07 pm

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Attention to Detail? Or loving it all!

I've had female members comment on the attention to detail I've shown in my previous blog posts, noticing hair color (as in a good color job), the type and cut of pant suits, the age shown in hands, etc. I don't know if I'm unusual; after all, I still look at T and A, but I love the things that make women, well, women. Maybe I'm just a metrosexual. Oh, and I am a guy, and I'm not gay.

Another blogger asked last month what men found sexy, and a lot of my own responses were hair-related. That surprised even me, as I don't consider myself a hair fetishist. I like it thick and long and black (hair, that is! Yikes!) and baby-fine and blond, redheads, and even a good head of steel-grey locks. But it's gotta smell good.

Guys were at least sensitive enough in answering that post to not say big tits or a nice ass, but stick to the "public areas" of a woman, as well as gestures, looks, etc. They're all good to me.

Not to say I'm a pig. I think that in the end the same applies to women and men equally: take care of yourself and carry yourself well, work with your best features, stay neat and clean (yes, women can be slobby, too.) and you will be sexy. And guys like me will love it all.

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