ok story of many  

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7/21/2005 11:35 am

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ok story of many

This is about many diffrent ladies. They were one night stands. That on time thing. If you guys notice I am being very random. The reason that I am doing this I just tell you what you I rember as I rember this is wht I feel like I need to to at this time.

Ok the frist thing I like to tell about is when I meet this white couple in the chat room. I talk to them about meeting on the phone so I head over there. I meet the lady in a parking lot near there house and follow them over there. They were showing porn on the tv when I got there. I got undress so she could suck my cock. I sit back while she suck my cock and her husband watch. It was exciting but diffrent. After a while i got to taste her breast they were wonderfull. Nice and frim. and he said i could fuck her for a while as long as do not cum in here while she suck him. after a while she went back to my cock while he fuck her in her ass. I cam hard. Well it was her time to get what she want she want to see me fuck her husband in the ass so even though I was limp I told I would so she went to work on my cock to get it hard for his ass as soon it hard and I thought I could keep it up. they lube up his ass while lube up my cock and then i begin to fuck his ass. It was ok but i rather been eating her pussy. I cam in his ass and after resting a bit I went home and never saw them agian.
ok one night I was playing around with my webcam in the webcamroom. when a lady form dallas strated watching. I ask her if she like she said yes. I ask her if she want to taste it now. she said yes. I ask if she want me to cum over she said no. I said she could come over there. she said she would. I had no idea wht she look like she had no picture on her profile but I was ready. When she show I was shock her stood athe most beautiful coconut color skin lady stood there. We kiss and I ask if she want to move to the bedroom. we got undress and went after it. she had the smooths and beutful skin I ever touch. she was so responds to my touch. I kiss her all over her body and ate her pussy. It tasted great. we had sex till we both cam and we strated to get dress then we exchange names. I know i prable never see her agian but it was great fanasty of mine fufill. on she is oneof the most beautful lady I have seen or had sex with. I hope she contact me agian if not that is cool.
I meet a lady one night and wee decide to meet so I drove over to her house and we went right to it. she was lovely black lady. we got over there. we went in to a 69 and I came quickly but I kept after it. I spend the rest of our time together eating her pussy it was quite tasty. I am sorry i did not last long but am not sorry that I did not come over.
I meet one more white lady thur e-mail. she want me to have her suck my cock while her boyfriend watch on the webcam while he is in california. so one night we meet on instane messenger and decide that tonight was the night. so i came over to her apt. and she went to town on my cock when i cam in her mouth she show here boyfrind the cum before smallowing. after a few mintue she want her poussy eaten I could not turn it down so I went to town on her nice pussy.
now this all i can think of at this time but if I rember more. I tell I had more ladies form here but these are the one I only meet once and will never see agian.

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