i goiing to ask agian???????  

lovescout 55M
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7/19/2005 3:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i goiing to ask agian???????

ok I Have three questions. If any you lovely peolpe I love to hear what you think.

1. Where is the most unsually place you every had sex? Think hard about that.

2. What is the most people you had sex with at the same time? and explain how it happen.

3.What is your wildest fanasty that you have not been able to attempt.

purplepassion069 48F
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8/20/2005 7:28 am

1. A hospital elevator....I was young!!!
2. Only one.
3. Approach a man that I find atrractive and go somewhere and let him suck, lick and fuck me until I can cum anymore!!!

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