August in Arizona  

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12/21/2005 3:04 pm

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August in Arizona

Why she had chosen August for Arizona, I will never understand... but she had it all set up at the Camelback Hotel -nice little Casitas in the Phoenix area. I think it was 110 degrees when we landed, and I love the hot cookie oven heat. We lay by the pool and for the most part in the pool. You cant stay out of the water for more than 20 minutes in the high Arizona August sun.

There must have been some kind of convention there, because there were all sorts of single women laying by the pool, who's significant others seemed to stop by at lunch in mostly business casual attire. I was having a field day, being the only male by the pool, we had women to our left and right. We decided to play a small game - pick one girl that you would have to be with and the one that the other would have to be with - and she did the same. I had picked a very tall lady for Bonnie because she's so tall too - and Bonnie had actually picked the same gal. This gal was a stunning red head with really curly shoulder length hair, little doe green eyes and a well toned body. Funny how we think alike.
It was a fun game and forced me to put a towel across my lap - and Bonnie said she needed a pantie change. She's such a great gal, and for some reason totally motived by visions of me pleasing others.

We headed back to the Casita for cocktails before heading out to Scottsdale to meet and mingle with the west coasts' finest. We share guidelines that we have when it comes to engaging other women - either through a game or with intent. We do have one rule though, if we know we are going out to meet another woman, we have some of the best before-you-go-out sex ever. And we did, and I could blog about it in another blog.

Bonnie slipped on what seemed to be this tiny black top that exposed her never ending torso - she also had a skirt that looked like a scarf wrapped around her waist - and I swear it was so high up her leg I thought I saw her beautiful shiny jewel.

When we got back at 2 am it was still 105 outside - and we both determined it was time for a dip. She told me to go on ahead and I did. There was any people around and I don't even know if we were allowed to be in the pool at that time. I did see just one person on a chaise lounge on the upper tier, but hard to make out anything other than a woman's outline under the Arizona moon. I slipped right into the water, creating a slight ripple across the enormous pool. I stayed up against the inside wall of the pool just so my lips and above were above the water.

5 minutes later I see Bonnie coming toward the pool in nothing but 5 inch shoes and a black gstring...coming from atop the hill walking down she looked like the tomb raider with heels and no clothes. You had to wear shoes or the concrete would burn your souls.

She got into the water ever so quietly and we floated around for while on these mesh floats that let the water pass right through - it was invigorating. We got hit with a ripple on our back that caused us to turn and see that the woman has slipped into the pool - and was close enough that we realized that she was the one we had both selected from earlier that day at the pool. Bonnie stayed low because she had no top on and said hi to this gal, whose name was Sophia. Bonnie is the perpetual engager, and complimented Sophia on something or other, and told her about our little game at the pool where she had been selected. Sophia was flattered and told us that she had noticed us because we seemed to be the only couple by the pool. She was there solo to take a respite from her newscaster career in LA.

Somehow, me the man, was selected to go get our bottle of Krug from the Casita to share with Sophia. She was 34, and very friendly. I could see how she could be a newscaster. Seemed to know a little about a lot. We were all quite certain that we were not allowed in the pool so late. Unbeknowst to me, for that short time I was gone, Bonnie had asked Sophia if she would be willing to help her give me a special gift. So when I got back, they hopped out of the pool and said that they were told to leave, and that we were now headed to the Casita to cool off and drink Krug.

We poured the Champagne and had some great laughs. Bonnie and I had changed into dry clothes and she offered Sophia some sort of dry Sarong. Bonnie was sitting in my lap and Sophia was admiring the art in the Casita. She had been very touchy - feely - California style, so I did not think anything of it when she put her hand on my shoulder. She was standing behind me when she told me not to turn around and to close my eyes. I then felt her Sarong wrap around my eyes so that I could not see a thing. Bonnie hopped off my lap and it felt like stockings that tied my arms to the chair.

I could feel hands everywhere across my chest and back caressing me. I heard kissing, but could not see it, and my lips were not involved. Bonnie started asking me how well I though I knew her. Did I know her lips? Did I know her touch? She told me we were about to play a little game, for me to just cooperate. I started to think how eerily similar Sophia's and Bonnie's body and hair were, that I was actually a bit nervous that I could be wrong. We all smelled like pool, so there goes any chance at detecting pheremones.

The first kiss that was planted on my lips, I had no clue. I was told I must guess, so I guessed Sophia and was wrong. I was told the penalty was that I had to lose the Calvins, and felt 4 hands systematically remove them. Now, I was not in the pool anymore; and had two stunners in the room with me, so something was at attention.

I felt some nails slide along my shaft and knowing that Bonnie has short nails I said "Sophia" and was right. I heard all this whispering and did not know what was next. Keep in mind I couldn't use my hands. Somebody had taken me inside their mouth - and someone was behind me, arms wrapped around and pinching my nipples - A dead giveway that Bonnie was infront of me because she never pinches my nipples. She did not stop with her mouth, and with knowledge of what was potentially ahead, I exploded in her mouth while Sophia held me seemed to last for the longest time....Bonnie stood up, Sophia let go, and I heard more whispering by the door - and the door open and close......Bonnie untied the Sarong from my eyes and stood there infront of me....She undid my arms.....I lead her to the bed....laid her on her back.......pushed on her innner thighs to move them apart......and aimed my tongue right at the jewel to return the favor....knowing Sophia was gone....into the Arizona night.

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