Romance of Sex: August edition  

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9/2/2006 8:17 am

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Romance of Sex: August edition

August went by so fast; that I never got a chance to do my ROMANCE OF SEX segment…so here it is


Flirting is fun. It’s a teasing, easy way to tell another person you’re interested. Where’s the harm in letting someone know they’re attractive and appreciated, with no demands or expectations stated or implied? Flirtation is nothing more than that. It may lead to a date or a relationship, or can renew the excited feelings you had when you first met. Flirting broadcasts your sexuality on the right channel.

Rules of Flirting

One. Make eye contact while you flirt. How you look at someone says a lot about your intention.

Two. Keep your comments lighthearted. Flirting should be delicious, fun and safe for everyone, even the very married.

Three. Use touch sparingly. Touch the other person’s hand or arm every once in a while to emphasize a point. In advanced flirting, run a finger down the other person’s cheek.

Four. Be subtle. Hold her gaze a moment longer than necessary. Lower your voice when you talk to a man in a crowded room so he’ll have to lean forward to catch your words.

If you’ve flirted successfully, you will be itching to connect physically. You’ll want to get in close and personal, to nudge and tickle and giggle about those secret, private things you share. Sometimes, you want to get sexy in ways that you usually wouldn’t consider romantic, just to say you’d done it.


Mouth-watering. Sexplay as a luscious meal. More a gentle nibble than a true bite, this form of erotic enticement was so practice in ancient times that the Hindu erotic writers composed lengthy lists of where and how hard to “bite.” This is a stimulating activity that can perk up any relationship when done right. And love-biting will make you feel like kids again, parking at the drive-in, fooling around.

The Best Spots for Lovebites (Listen up guys, this stuff really makes my knees melt like my butter!!!!)

One. Ears. Nibble the fleshy lobes. Then run your tongue inside the ear.

Two. Neck. Nibble and suck the neck (remember “hickeys?”, and don’t forget the nape.

Three. Fingers and toes. Don’t neglect your sweetie’s extremities. Suck. Occasionally take a small nibble. Enjoy!!!

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/2/2006 10:32 am

Hmmm... I guess then since there's no eye contact here, I'm not really flirting? I have a vague memory of the Lovebites, though!

silverbreeze2 65F

9/2/2006 12:52 pm

Hickey's were the bomb in my day! More hickey's you had, meant you were a real hot number! ( somewhat silly thinking back on it, to suck a bruise on someone's neck! Hopefully people don't suck that hard now!

Great flirting tips! ( been so long since I flirted, I forgot how! )

( but I never wanted anyone to put their mouth on my big ugly feet! Lordy! I'll pass on that one.

rm_anacortes 74M
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9/3/2006 11:47 am

Good reminders.. or perhaps an OMG for those less imaginative..


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