A Little Erotic Story..Most of it ACTUALLY TRUE!!!!  

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A Little Erotic Story..Most of it ACTUALLY TRUE!!!!

As I waited for you in the airport, the anticipation of seeing you again after four long weeks brought excitement to every part of my body. I couldn't get you out of my mind. Then I saw you and smiled. You looked so good. I wanted to attack you right there in the airport, but I held back. I knew we would have plenty of opportunities to make love this weekend. You hugged me and I could feel your hard cock rub against me. We walked silently hand in hand through the airport. Once we got into the car, you kissed me so passionately that I could feel my panties fill with juice. I immediately rubbed your budge and you put your hand between my legs, massaging my clit. Life seemed an eternity away. As we started driving back to the hotel, I unbuckled your jeans to release your manhood into my hands. I stroked it a few times and then I couldn't wait any longer. I leaned over and put your cock in my mouth. As I sucked, I could hear your moans over the ocean breeze coming through the windows. After a few minutes your cum squirted all over your lap. Now it was my turn. I sat back up and you put your hand back in my panties. I wanted you so bad that my clit throbbed with excitement. We came to a deserted rest area and pulled over. We found a dark spot and took each other's pants off. You laid down and I climbed on top of you thrusting your cock into my pussy. I rocked back and forth making you groan and cum again for the second time. I leaned over, kissed you and told you how much I loved you. You reached up and pulled off my blouse to expose my big tits. As you grabbed them, the blood poured into my veins making my nipples stand erect. You stuck one in your mouth as you massaged the other. It felt so good being this close to you again. You looked into my eyes and I could tell that you were glad that I was there. We got dressed and kissed one more time before heading on. After all of this excitement, we were both hungry, so we stopped to get something to eat. Even though we talked all through dinner, we couldn't keep our eyes or our hands off each other. I couldn't wait to get to the hotel to show you how much I really missed you. As soon as we got into the room, we ripped off each other's clothes and took a shower. Your hands were so gentle as you caressed every part of my body. I could feel the passion swell through my body. We kissed and headed for the bed. I sat down on the side of the bed and you dropped to the floor in front of me. You kissed my lips then slowly moved down to my tits. After a few moments you moved down a little bit further and kissed my belly. You had me so hot! Next, you moved down to my shaved area and spread my legs apart. I could feel the heat from your breath against my clit. You stuck your tongue in my slit and sucked so hard I came within a few moments. Then you stood up and mounted me throwing my legs up into the air. You stroked hard and deep, just the way I liked it. I was in absolute ecstasy. You were about to climax when you pulled your cock out and sprayed cum all over my chest. You reached down to me and kissed me passionately. You lay down beside me and wrapped your arms around me. We fell asleep in each others arms of pure exhaustion. A couple of hours later, I felt your hand reach between my legs and rub my clit. I turned my head towards yours and you kissed my softly. I could feel your dick getting hard again. I grabbed it and started to stroke it. You told me to get on all fours because you wanted to fuck me from behind. I got up and you stood behind me. You pushed it in deeper to reach my g-spot and I screamed. I had never felt anything like that before. It was the most intense moment I have ever had. When we both came we took another shower and fell asleep.

The next morning you woke me up with kisses all over my face. When I opened my eyes, I saw the loving look on your face. You kissed me again and told me that you loved me and how glad you were that I came to see you. You had to go to work, but we had time to make love one more time before you had to leave. This time you were very gentle. You kissed me all over my body and slowly entered my slit. We were in perfect motion, like we were dancing in the bed. You came inside me and I could feel the cum flow through my body. It was going to seem like forever until you got back. I was missing you already.

rm_wanna727 70M

4/11/2006 9:55 pm

very sweet amd dicriptive, my kind of story

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