What's going on, everybody??  

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11/22/2005 2:01 pm

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What's going on, everybody??

Hmm... so I'm pretty new to this whole online thing. Hopefully someone cute will send me a message though! I really am open to MOST possibilities. I will admit... for the time being, I'm not interested in guys. Sorry! Girls, I'm not interested in anyone that's all butch. I think the whole reason I want to try a night with another woman is because I dig the femaleness (is that even a word?! lol) of it all. Another woman's hair running through my fingers... being able to run my hands all over her body... you know? But anyway.. I do have pictures by the way, but I'm not going to post them. If you think you might be interested, and you live close to Amarillo... then send me a message or something until I get another email account set up. Talk to ya'll later!

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11/10/2005 9:24 am
[post a] I fantasize about being submissive to my boyfriend. He has a poker party with 3 of his friends and I was supposed to be home to serve them snacks and drinks. I arrive late and he is angry and announces I will have to be punished. He pushes his chair back and forces me over his lap, raises my skirt and removes my panties and spanks me hard a few times.

One of the friends comments on my shaved pussy, so my boyfriend orders me to spread my legs wide and continues to spank me till my ass is bright red. When he is done he orders me to prepare and serve the snacks. I start to walk to the kitchen and he stops me and orders me to do it naked from the waist down. He says I am to display my punished bottom till the redness is gone. I start to protest, and he gets up and strips me naked and spanks me a little more and sends me to the kitchen. I prepare the snacks, a plate for each man and while I'm gone he tells his friends to fondle me as I serve them if they wish, and gives each of them a leather riding crop to use on me if I am not accommodating.

I serve the plates and try to avoid the hands resulting in many slaps on my already sore bottom, and my boyfriend orders me to pour them beer from a pitcher forcing me to lean across the table. When I get to his glass He squirts some lube into my ass and spreads my legs wide, he asks one of the others to spread my cheeks and inserts a remote controlled butt plug deep in my ass and binds my hands behind my back. He orders me to stand in front each of them with my legs spread apart so they could examine me as they wished. Each takes their turn examining and probing my pussy and clit and a couple of them pull out and reinsert the plug in my ass and randomly by boyfriend turns it on making it hard for me to remain standing.

After a little while my boyfriend suggests they return to their card game, and I am bent over a padded step ladder still plugged and my legs spread wide by a spreader bar with the plug still in my ass, and placed on full view with striking distance of my boyfriends riding crop. They play cards for an hour while occasional the plug is activated or a strike from the crop assures me I am not forgotten. The guys discuss me as if I am not there. They ask my boyfriend if they can fuck me and one asks if he can eat me, He says ok.

I am then blindfolded and one of the starts eating me and pumping the plug in and out till I have a massive orgasm. Then each of them fucks my pussy hard and deep till my boyfriend asks them if they have even seen a girl ass fucked. They say no and I can hear the excitement in their voices as the plug is removed and he tells them to come close and watch. He slowly shoves is cock head into my lubed ass and works it in and out, I am moaning from the mortification of this private act being watched so intently, and the intense pleasure of the sensation and excitement of being used this way.

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11/23/2005 2:05 am

Have fun... in searching....

HonestOne83 36M

5/21/2006 3:22 am

I live in Amarillo , Hit ME Up

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