"Well isn't that nice"  

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11/27/2005 8:09 am

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"Well isn't that nice"

I looked out my window to see a cold blanket of snow. I lit a fire and let my mind wander.

A day dream overtook my sences and I was laying on a bearskin rug with a beautiful woman. We lay there watching the flames dance across the logs and our fingers began to dance across eachothers legs. The excitement built and we let lips do what hands do and embraced in a long wet kiss. Her hands moved to my belt and soon she grasped my hardness. Her expert hands drove me mad as I undid the buttons on her blouse. To my suprise there was no bra and I was soon kissing, nibbling, and sucking on these excuisite boobs.I couldn't stand it anylonger, I had to taste her sweetness. I pulled her hand away and slid her pants off her legs. I played with her g-string for a few moments before pushing it aside and licking each lip before flicing my tounge across her clit. Her hips moved in unison with my tounge as her excitement began to peak. I licked a finger and slowly entered her. Moaning increased, and her hips began to buck harder. She was unleashing a screaming orgasm. She pushed me over and begged me to fuck her. I rolled her onto her knees and slowly entered her from beind. Our rythm increased as I built to orgasm. With each thrust I felt my excitememt build as well as her own. We came together and collapsed on the floor to stare at the flames again.

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