Rhymes with lovefire  

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4/18/2006 5:36 pm

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Rhymes with lovefire

"may all flowers raise up in her garden by each seasoms pass to live , love and laugh...live love and laugh" " A given sister waits for you innocent to your way... cleaving to her desire for affection, daily in understanding the feeling of sensual passion... spirit a ready testing her willful submission, gift and testament which upon founding a pedastal that raises you lovingly erotic and astounding" She is a beautiful woman in the color of oranges and sweet lemon drop candy that radiates from inside her and to every one who is near by, she can turn sad people into happy ones in seconds. Very comfortable in her own skin , she worships the Jamaican sun with good friends, in Cancun kissing a swedish girl on holiday and in July she will be in Chicago tanning on the beach with a few of her girlfriends for almost a week. By the way, She loves to laugh and may I add, she is all about having a good time. Whole-heartedly and aloud so much so that you can hear the joy in her laughter from miles away. Often when we are away camping, I hike out on foot and hear that voice of hers in every direction, even though she is unable to see or hear me the distance between us sends enchantment to the view. May this note, have found you well and left you in peace!lovefires

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8/15/2007 4:01 am

hello, you are quite dear dear frauen.ich thanks you for the active participation in the blog very much.
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I am bandaged to you on the heartiest one msg you everyone, you are lieb.vielen of much very much I thank you that it
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