Every woman without a culture have no history  

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4/23/2006 6:20 pm
Every woman without a culture have no history

Nor solid ground in which to stand. In Her garden everthing that grows is already in bloom. The lilacs have been cut and put in small glass vases and set about on top of window sills through out the house, You can smell the flowers scent in every room. There a favorite of hers, exactly why ,I will never understand but they just are.The tulips are red and orange. Yellow, orange yellow, peach,dark red, purple, pink and varigated pink with white strips.And as the sun stands to set all over this wonderful place the design of her mythical ryhme does assuredly come to ones mind. note : Unfortunately we have had very little time to devote to our new membership at friendfinders and just ask you to please have a bit of patience with us until which time we are able to contact you. Just like many of you we are also excited about meeting you but work 10 to 15 hours a day. Have a nice read on friendfinders and spread the joy and feel the love!

ludwig202 64  
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8/15/2007 4:01 am

hello, you are quite dear dear frauen.ich thanks you for the active participation in the blog very much.
it is your common blog.schreibt also asks everything to tell what to her have.
all standard members mails can send me .der entrance standard members is now
freigeschaltet.helft asks, all our members are anzusprechen.es, of which much I have
nothing more belongs me . as one makes contacts to members ?? help me bitte.ich would like everyone
the most wonderful and most beautiful and most courageous women in the net encourage himself to report to .ihr be.
I am bandaged to you on the heartiest one msg you everyone, you are lieb.vielen of much very much I thank you that it
you gives.

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