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3/3/2006 2:03 pm

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7/25/2006 9:23 pm

Just thinking?

This is for women only. I was wondering, if you found the one you loved how would you treat that person? What would you do for them, how far would you go?

You know out of all the experiences I have had in my life, one or the other person can't stand being around the other. They start to get under your very skin sometimes. Is love a passing emotion, is it a thought, a feeling? When does it begin, when does it end?

I want point of views. For me I would say love is more than an emotion or a thought, Love should be your very soul! Right? Love should make you want to give your whole being to the other freely and totally.

Sex is great. It should be a regular thing, to me. It is the cement of a relationship! Sex is love, if it wasn't for sex I think the male and female race would strangle each other.

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