What you say,,is not always what you mean.  

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7/31/2006 5:19 am

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What you say,,is not always what you mean.

Weekend Campers at the same beach is where I first saw you and your husband. As time passed
weekend to summer weekend.

I got to know you and your Husband well. His fondness for my female friend dates was an obvious
part of this.

Your husbands flirting as we all sat around the
campfire drinking wine and getting high. Was as
fun to watch as your embarrassment over it was
as well

Then by chance,,? We discovered each other walking toward each other. After all the drinking
and smoking. Alone in the full moon on a deserted stretch of beach.

We stood close to each other, not saying a word
searching each others eyes. I placed my arm around your waist, pulled you to me and kissed you deeply.

You placed your arms around my neck and kissed me
back deeply as well. Semi nude as we were our bodies pressed into and ground hip to hip, crouch to crouch. It wasn't long befor I felt
the heat and wetness of your pussy. As you felt
the heat and hardness of my cock against you.

We stumbled then and fell, me on top of you in the
sand. You lifted your knees spreading you legs
placing you hands on my ass. We ground into each
other. I could feel your pussy lips and hard clit, though our thin bathing suits on my cock.
The moment and feelings were completely intoxiacating indeed.

Breaking the kiss gasping you said " I can't do this. If I do I will have to tell my husband."
I must admit laying between your legs as we were.
This did pour some water on my lust fires.

My first thoughts were "What the Fuck" Yet I could see the honest fear in your eyes. "I could talk to him, I know he would be interested in a little swapping." I said neither of us moving your hands still on my ass. My cock screaming in my head don't listen to her.

"No,,No,, you don't know what he is really like."
you said pausing to study my eyes. "Besides this
is more about me than him. I would have to tell
him thats just the way I am."

At this I got off of you and sat up and said. "So fucking tell him,,you want it I want it, and I don't care,,tell him. You sat up as well facing me and said. "I can't,,I just can't do this"

"Okay fine I said" standing up dazed in disbelief. We both better go back separately."
Please don't be mad at me," you said standing.
I would have to tell him an do not want all
the trouble it would cause "

"I am not mad at you, and it's Okay" I said as we gave each other a hug. Then made our separate
ways back to camp.

I skipped a weekend camping visiting some friends
in Texas. When I returned things were back to normal????

We met alone on the same beach with much the
same results. This time however when you said
you would have to tell I ignored you and we
each other literally. Till the dawn came peaking.

You never told,,and I don't care if you would have
or not.. Your worth every second.


lovebreed4u 69M
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8/1/2006 5:12 am

Very Erotic,,? So too are you bound courtesan, my thanks.

Kisses and pinches,


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