Another weekend  

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12/8/2005 4:53 am

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Another weekend

The weekend is here and I've decided to reward myself. I've had a very productive week business wise and I'm in the mood to get laid. Since AdultFriendFinder has pretty much been useless at meeting decent females I've decided to go back to the "tried and true" bar pick-up method. This gives several advantages over AdultFriendFinder. First and most important..."You can not pick up a guy with a fake picture in a bar!" Second...In a bar you can meet face to face and read that ever important thing called body language and feel chemistry. Third..... If you don't succeed the first time there are many other opportunities to try again. You can even go to a different bar if you strike out with all the girls in the bar your in.

The downfall is....loud music...drunks....foul stench of smoke and sweat. But hey I just see this as all the more motivation to get the hell out of there and into a bed where the real fun can happen!

Last weekend after working all night (until 3am) My freind and I decided to go out. We met these two guys that totaly had game when it came to picking up chicks. One guy (we'll call him Sam) was kind of laid back and liked to just watch. The other guy (we'll call him Ruthless) Was like a "NAMPA-HOLIC" hence the name Ruthless. Ruthless must have asked more than 200 girls in Shibuya to go to karaoke with him. It reminded me of my homeless days back when I had to beg for money just to get food and stay alive. Everything was so pure in those days I didn't care about anything just money, shelter and food. And for some reason I could get laid with out even trying. I didn't care who, what, where, how, why or when things happened. Just as long as it happened enought for me to stay alive. I respected Ruthless because he was just as focused as I was. Then a group of 4 girls came buy and Ruthless jumped on them. You know it never stops amazing me how you girls will fall for the dumbest tricks. Ruthless triped and fell (He says it was an accident) as was walking backwards and talking to the 4 girls. Sure enough the girls became concerned and 15 minutes later Ruthless had us all in karaoke singing together. Well here comes another weekend and I'm supposed to meet Ruthless and Sam. I'm wondering what will happen this time around.

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